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Squirk is the main antagonist of the My Little Pony 'n Friends episode "The Ghost of Paradise Estate". He was a giant octopus who once ruled an underwater kingdom when much of the world was under the ocean.

He was voiced by Frank Welker.


Squirk was a horrible and tyrannical ruler who revealed in cruelty - utilizing the magic of the Flash stone amulet he amused himself with senseless acts of villainy and earned much hatred and fear from those who suffered under his rule.

Squirk shoots a beam from his flash tone to torture his subjects, purely to amuse himself

He constantly smacked his minion Crank for simply laughing, never really giving a reason as to why he hit him, other than to perhaps amuse himself, seeing how Squirk found joy in transforming fish into lunged creatures at the bottom of the sea or into various other forms in all sorts of twisted ways.

It's undeniable that Squirk is among the most evil major villains from MLP's first generation, and would've achieved a higher bodycount than most if his plan to flood the land would've succeeded.


Squirk would remain the unjust ruler of the underwater world until eventually the ocean began to fade away as Dream Valley began to take form - at this point, magical birds known as the Pannas arrived looking for a new home. Squirk did not want to share his land with the Pannas and rose from the depths to terrorize them with the Flash stone but their leader, Ruff, refused to allow Squirk to bully him into leaving and fought the monster - taking the Flash stone amulet and shattering it into two pieces. One half was thrown into the deepest part of a sea/river and the other was tossed to what would later become Paradise Estate. 

Squirk retreated into the ocean but refused to come out until his enemy had grown old and weak. Squirk had longevity on his side and thus knew better than to risk another fight until the odds were in his favor.

Sure enough, in time, the Pannas' leader grew old and Squirk abducted him, forcing his granddaughter Pluma to go to Paradise Estate and retrieve the first half of the Flash stone amulet as well as scare away the Little Ponies who now called it home.

Squirk taunts an elderly Ruff

Pluma retrieved half of the Flash stone by destroying Paradise Estate and capturing the Little Ponies - however she felt remorse over what she was doing (albeit by force) and tried to use the amulet to undo the damage, but only half of Paradise Estate was restored. The ponies and their human ally Megan, decided to help Pluma rescue her father and orchestrated a plan.

Fizzy made bubbles large enough to hold herself, Megan, Molly and Danny, and the Baby Sea Ponies carried them to the bottom of the sea/river to search for Pluma's grandfather. Meanwhile, Squirk sent his henchman, a lobster named Crank, to fetch Pluma's piece of the Flash stone. As Pluma nearly handed it over, Spike the Dragon, friend to the ponies, signaled a hidden Buttons, who used her magic to fling it far out of reach. Due to Crank's tardiness, Squirk impatiently emerged from the water, retrieving the Flash stone half and imprisoning Spike, Pluma and Buttons in a giant clam shell. He returned to his lair just as Megan's party had freed Pluma's grandfather, and captured them as well.

Squirk's slow deathtrap

The children, Little Ponies and Pannas were tied up inside an enormous shark skull, with the roof of the skull's mouth being held up by seaweed ropes, which several turtles were slowly chewing through. Squirk meanwhile goes on a rampage, blasting everything in sight with the Flash stone piece until he reached the other half in the depths of the sea/river. With the Flash stone restored, he began using its power to make the water rise and erupt from the ground, and Dream Valley began to flood. 

Buttons used her magic to draw a clam shell in between the skull's teeth, just as the ropes gave out. Pluma and her grandfather transformed together to form a spinning blade, cutting everyone loose. Fizzy once again summoned bubbles to let everyone escape out of the underwater cavern. They see that much of Dream Valley is already underwater - but Danny, Megan's brother, had a plan to stop it. He had the Pegasus Ponies take one of Pluma's nets and circle the sky above him.

As Squirk rose to the water's surface, the Unicorns flattered him, saying they'd like him to be their leader. When his guard was down, the Pegasi dropped their net, and as Squirk struggled to free himself, Buttons used her magic to throw the Flash stone into Megan's hand. Megan wished the water away, taking Squirk and Crank with it. After undoing the damage to Dream Valley, Megan made one final wish to restore the Paradise Estate - then dropped the Flash stone from a great height, shattering it to pieces so it may never be used for evil again.

Squirk and Crank were last seen sucked into an underwater cave, while still trapped inside the pegasi's net, and presumably remain trapped there forever.

Powers and Abilities

Squirk's size, in reference to other characters

Being among G1's largest villains, Squirk boasts incredible natural strength and (of course) reach due to his octopus-like physiology. Squirk is also among G1's oldest creatures, coming from a time when most of the land was still underwater, and having not aged at all since then, and this is possibly tied with how he is fairly cunning, though he prefers to leave his enemies in slow death traps rather than see them die personally. He still uses his environment to his advantage, like using a clam in which to seal his opponents, or a shark's skull to ensnare and crush his enemies. 

Squirk uses a random clam shell to trap his enemies

The Flash Stone

With the flash stone, Squirk is able to warp reality as he pleases, merging two creatures into one or turning them into something else entirely, and even after the amulet was cracked into two pieces, the stone still had the power to do this. It's also capable of shooting concussive blasts with force, powerful enough to destroy large rocks and trees with ease. Though he didn't succeed on this final plan, he was planning to use the flash stone to flood the land by creating even more water which erupted from the earth, and had already caused major damage to Dream Valley minutes after starting this disaster.

Squirk shows off the power of his amulet





You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet

Squirk's villain song


Grogar arrives with a new artifact S9E24.png
  • In My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, in the episode, "The Ending of the End", when Discord impersonates Grogar for the last time, he brings in a jewel that resembles the Flash Stone from My Little Pony 'n Friends that the villain, Squirk, once possessed. However, since it was easily destroyed by Cozy Glow, it can be seen that the jewel is a fake.


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