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Remember me, Jake?
~ Squirrel

The Squirrel is a recurring antagonist in the Adventure Time TV series who carries a deep hatred for Jake the Dog.

He was voiced by Jeremy Shada.


His first appears in "The Duke" when Jake states that lots of people hate him. The Squirrel appears to be one of those people, he hates Jake because he won't publish the Squirrel's latter in his newspaper column "Begs the Question." He tries to make Jake read it in the episode by putting close to him so he'd pick it up but it fails. He then appears a the Grand Meeting of Ooo Royalty. where he disguises himself as a turtle chairman who reveals himself to kill Jake along with the Duke of Nuts' son the Marquis of Nuts who was disguised as a clown minister who also reveals himself to kill Finn for trying to hurt his father.

He appears in "All the Little People" as one of the many characters in Ooo as living toy versions of themselves.

He then appears in "Princess Potluck" trying to shot Jake with an arrow throughout the whole episode. In the end he finally shots Jake and Screams "YOU SON OF A BLEEP BLOB, JAKE!" Which Jake replies as ""

He appears in a picture in the episode "Water Park Prank" as one of the many characters who are banned from Wet Pipes Water Park along with Earl of LemongrabLumpy Space PrincessTiffany OilerRicardioMagic ManDonny, and Ice King.

He appears in "Hot Diggidy Doom" where he attacks Peppermint Butler after being freed from a cage by Gunter who was reverting by to his original form Orgalorg. He then makes a cameo appearance in the second half of the episode "The Comet."

He appears again in "Normal Man" as one of the many dangers on the mountain where Tiny Manticore is holding Glob hostage. When Jake faces Squirrel he only says "who?" Meaning Jake has no recollection of the Squirrel, which causes him to attack Jake in the process.

He appears near the end of "Gumbaldia" spying on Princess Bubblegum then reporting back to Uncle Gumbald about the dum dum juice failing and Princess Bubblegum going to war with Gumbaldia, which the Squirrel takes part in as one the members of Uncle Gumbald's Legion of Candy Kingdom Haters.


  • He seems to have some deep seated psychosis or mental trauma, and may have been attempting to use Jake's advice column as a form of psychological therapy.


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