Squizzard is a boss from Super Mario Galaxy 2 that is encountered in the Slipsand Galaxy.

Physical appearance

Appearance-wise, Squizzard looks like a reptilian creature with pale yellow skin. He has two small arms that have thick wrists and and slightly smaller hands with three fingers that each have brown, sharp nails on them. He has round eyes with brown eyebrows, a two-toothed beak that resembles that of a Koopa Troopa, and a rock on his head that looks like a Mohawk.


When Mario first lands on the planet that Squizzard resides on, the battle will not begin until Mario gets closer to the center of the arena. When he does, Squizzard pops out of the sand and starts throwing rocks at Mario. Mario must dodge them until Squizzard opens his mouth, which is when Mario must pick up the Fire Flower floating in a bubble around the arena and shoot a fireball into Squizzard's open mouth, and then shoot four more in quick succession. If Mario is not fast enough, Squizzard will close his mouth back up, and Mario must repeat the process from the beginning. The sand on the arena will also pull Mario towards the center, and if he reaches it, he will sink into the sand and die instantly.

After the first four fireballs in succession, Squizzard will start throwing spiked balls at Mario. Some of them are yellow ones that turn into a Coin if they hit the rocky parts of the arena, which Mario can pic up to recover his health. If they land on the sand, Mario must destroy them with a fireball in order to get the Coin. In order to progress the fight, Mario has to hit repeat his previous tactic.

After being enough times a second time, Squizzard will bring out cannons on either side of him that will also fire the spiked balls, including the yellow ones. These cannons can be temporarily disabled by hitting them with a fireball, but they will regenerate after a short time. Squizzard will also stop throwing the spiked balls himself and start throwing two large bombs at Mario. Mario must throw one last series of four fireballs into his mouth before he is defeated, giving Mario a Power Star.

Squizzard is fought a second time under the conditions of the Daredevil Comet, which means Mario will only have one hit point for the entire fight.



  • Squizzard's battle style and arena are similar to those of the Big Scorper from Wario World.
  • "Squizzard" may be a portmanteau of the words "squid" and "lizard".


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