Sr. Furtado is a villain from El Chavo Del Ocho, appearing in the episode O Ladrão da Vizinhança (The Neighborhood's Thief). He was portrayed by Ricardo de Pascual.


At first Furtado appears to be a regular neighbor, talking normally with the other villagers and claiming he's leaving to get away from troublesome children. However, Furtado is actually a thief, who's been stealing various objects from the other villagers and is planning to escape.

However, Quico finds some of the objects hidden on Chavo's barrel, which makes all villagers blame Chavo for the thefts. Chavo runs away, but later returns, after the villagers realize Chavo couldn't have done this.

While Chavo is talking with his friends, he tells he went to a church and prayed for the real thief to repent and return the stolen items. Furtado, who overheard the conversation, is deeply moved and decides to return everything he stole, later giving Chavo a ham sandwich as a way to apologize.


Furtado returns in the animated version of El Chavo Del Ocho, this time Furtado has a much scarier appearance and probaly more evil than his original counterpart.


  • Ironically, Furtado actually means stolen.
  • The Neighborhood's Thief might be the most emotional episode of the series.
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