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Who are you to challenge the might of Ssserpent?
~ Sserpent.

Ssserpent is a minor antagonist from the TV series Ben 10: Alien Force, who first appeared in the episode "Vengeance of Vilgax: Part 1".


Vengeance of Vilgax: Part 1

Ssserpent fights Gwen and Kevin Levin for more than and hour. Gwen called Ben and Ben helped them. He transformed to Cannonbolt and rolled over Ssserpent and defeated him.

Video Games

Ben transformed into Four Arms and defeated Ssserpent.

The Perfect Girlfriend

In the warehouse. Apparently, he has learned much more as he has been watching Ben and studying his tactics, allowing him to plan for Ben to use Goop. In a warehouse, he was able to defeat and torture Goop by separating him from his Anti-Gravity Projector, rendering him immobile, and trapping and spinning him in a large centrifugal machine, causing Goop to start separating into multiple components.

However, Ssserpent was forced to escape when the police came along and Elena Validus, who was impersonating Julie at the time, deactivated the machine before it could finish off Goop. Later, Ssserpent gave Ben and the police the slip by shedding his skin and using it as a trick. It is currently unknown where he is now.


Ssserpent appeared as a green medium build humanoid cobra without legs. His hands have snake-like mouth. He has dark green skin, yellowish-gold scales, and two arms that end in snake mouth's. He also has pale yellow eyes, and a forked tongue like a real snake.


Ssserpent is a strategic type. He was able to outsmart Ben with his plans. His thinker who formulates plans for whomever he is fighting against. However, he has shown to be overconfident in his abilities, believing that he has foreseen every outcome, and has everything planned. He also seems to act like a real snake, being very violent in battle, and also somewhat scary to his enemies, as he once menacingly stated to Gwen that he swallows his prey whole, which visibly frightened her.

Powers and Abilities

Ssserpent is an extremely skilled strategist, studier and learner, as he had been studying Ben's thinking actions and formed a plan to make him use Goop in order to beat him. Unfortunately, the plan failed due to interference from Elena. Ssserpent has enough stamina and energy to continue fighting for over an hour without tiring, as he proved to be a considerable foe.Ssserpent may be able to unhinge his jaws like a real snake. He also once stated to be able to swallow his opponents whole, as mentioned above.


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