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There's a price for everything, Frank. And you're about to pay it.
~ Stacey trying to kill Frank West.

Stacey Forsythe is one of the two main antagonists (along with Tyrone King) in the non-canon Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, taking Raymond Sullivan's role, while her heroic counterpart appears as the deuteragonist of the original game. She is the leader of the zombie rights organization Citizens for Undead Rights and Equality, also known as C.U.R.E. but reveals to be a spy for Phenotrans and responsible for the outbreak in Fortune City.

She was voiced by Robyn Ross.


She first met Frank West, the protagonist of the game replacing Chuck Greene, when he tries to get shelter from the zombies.

After getting Zombrex, a drug to suppress the zombie transformation, Frank watches the news of how CURE, Stacey's group, is blamed for the zombie outbreak as one of the members of the organization releases the zombies. His name is Brandon Whittaker. Frank gets mad at her for it and Sullivan doesn't believe her innocence. Nevertheless, they would trust her to do the right thing.

It all comes to an end in a later end when Stacey steals Sullivan's gun and shoots Rebecca Chang, a reporter whom Frank knows. Fortunately, her aim is bad that she is only injured. This reveal Stacey is an agent for Phenotrans, replacing Sullivan's role. She attempts

Right Stacey in OTR and Left Stacey in DR2.

to kill Frank, but Sullivan sacrifices himself to save him; she escapes afterwards.

Frank confronts her in Uranus Zone. At this point, her appearance is changed: she sports a military haircut and wears a latex battlesuit, and named herself Agent S. It is revealed she joined CURE to start zombie outbreaks. Like Sullivan's speech, this is used to get Queens, an important component for Zombrex. She states of how TK, the other main antagonist, doesn't know of her true identity and calls him as a pawn of her plans. Stacey battles Frank using a giant robot, but fights him hand to hand when he climbs on the cockpit.

She manages to overpower him and calls a helicopter to get her; however, she is crushed by her own robot.


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