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The Stalker Agent is a minor antagonist in Rebooting The Madness.


The Stalker Agent is first seen standing guard in a room when Newton Greenshades, Edgar GunsForHands and Boomer walk in. As the Stalker Agent fights Newton, the Crab Beast bursts in through the floor and yanks Newton and the Stalker Agent down to the below room.

While Newton flees to the next room, the Stalker Agent attempts to fight off the Crab Beast, but ends up following Newton as his bullets do nothing against the mutated beast.

Finding Newton treating his wounds, the Stalker Agent attacks him, though Newton manages to repel him by using a pair of orange glasses to blast him against the wall.

After recovering, the Stalker Agent continues his pursuit of Newton and finds him lying on the ground after being injected by Professor Dordum. The Stalker Agent shoots and kills him before the Crab Beast appears again and attacks the Stalker Agent.

Fleeing to wear Boomer and Edgar GunsForHands are, the Stalker Agent bumps into Boomer and knocks his tangerine glasses off, freeing Edgar from his control, before fleeing to the next room.

However, Newton was revived as a mutated giant by Professor Dordum's serum and went after the Stalker Agent. As he grabbed the agent to exact his revenge, the bomb inside of him went off, killing them both.



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