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This is what happens to you if you resist...or, if your just in the wrong place at the wrong time
~ Alyx Vance explaining stalkers to Gordon Freeman

Stalkers are minor antagonists in the Half-Life series. They are humans who have been physically and mentally twisted by the Combine to serve as mindless slaves within the Combine Citadel.


Stalkers have a starved appearance and amputated limbs replaced with metal stilts and their eyes are covered by a huge metal visor that in some cases can allow them to shoot lasers from them.


Half-Life 2

One Stalker is first seen on a monitor screen in Nova Prospekt as Wallace Breen is giving a speech.

Combine Stalkers are first physically seen when Gordon Freeman is venturing into the Citadel, where they are manufacturing Combine weaponry and are screaming repeatedly as they are moved on a skylift. 

Half-Life 2: Episode One

They are later seen and must be avoided (otherwise they could attack) in the Citadel, still mindlessly operating machinery, prior to its destruction.


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