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The Stalklings are the minor antagonists from the franchise, Tales of Arcadia.


There was a Stalkling that was sent by Bular in order to hunt Jim. That Stalkling captured Jim and carried him while flying. Since the clouds above are stormy, Jim raided his swords in order to attract lightning. It did, so both Jim and the troll got electrocuted. When Jim falls, AAARRRGGHH!!! saved him by catching him.


The Stalklings are the type of trolls that have dragon-like wings, which make them fly. They also have a bird-like beak and long neck, which likely gives them another name, Vulture Troll.


The Stalklings are chaotic, which is why they are uncontrollable, but not all are like that. There is one seen as a normal citizen of the Troll Market.


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