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Have you forgotten? What it's like to be afraid of anything? Anything! You think now that you've become this that you can never die, that nothing bad will ever happen. Well I remember every single night you would lie awake in bed, terrified!
~ Stan Frederick

Evan "Stan" Frederick is the main character of The Record of Stan Frederick. He is a paranormal investigator who has dedicated his life to helping others due to immense guilt over his past actions, wanting to redeem himself and be a better person.

He was portrayed by Evan Santiago, the series' creator.


Early Life

Evan Frederick was born to an unnamed mother and father in 1997. His parents later gave birth to Erik Frederick, Evan's younger brother. Evan and Erik were extremely close together, becoming inseparable. At some point in Erik's life, he began getting stalked by Slender Man, and in 2006, a week after Evan's birthday, Slender Man took Erik. Not long after, Slender Man also took Evan's parents, leaving Evan an orphan. Evan was put in foster care, where he met Connor and Susan, two twins. Evan quickly formed a bond with them, as they were both stalked by Slender Man, and Evan was the only one who believed them. Slender Man continued to stalk the three of them.

Knowing that he would eventually take one of them, Connor came up with the idea of sacrificing children to Slender Man, so they can keep him at bay and ensure their survival. Though Evan agreed with idea, he was reluctant, even contemplating suicide by poisoning his and Connor's cups of coffee. Susan's presence made Evan fall through with the suicide plan, leading to Evan and Connor finding their first sacrifice, a boy named Stan White. After they were done Evan, wanting to disassociate from his actions, took the boy's name, becoming Stan Frederick. Stan, Connor and Susan formed WeMustCollect, an organization who's goal was to attain as many members believing in their cause and to harvest more victims.

Behind The Scenes


In 2012, Stan started a YouTube channel where he uploaded videos detailing his life and his haunting by Slender Man. He continued the sacrifices with Connor, trying to hide it from his audience. In late 2012, Erik returned as a "Corruptelam", a manifestation of Slender Man's victims who have similar powers as him. This revealed that the main reason that Slender Man kept stalking Stan was because there was still a piece of Erik left behind, who had been following Stan around. After the Man in the Suit took Erik's Corruptelam, Stan was left free, no longer being haunted. During this period Stan realized his wrong doings and left WeMustCollect, along with Susan, while Connor was taken and murdered by the Rake. Stan also ended his YouTube channel, swearing to never upload again. He started dating Susan, and moved with her to Maine.

The Record


Investigations and Uploads

Stan confronting Slender Man in "2. Just Your Average Investigation".

Guilt ridden by his actions during his time in WeMustCollect, and wanting to redeem himself. Stan decided to become a paranormal investigator, helping people with monsters. Since the monsters had no reason to stalk Stan anymore, and in a way were indebted to him, this meant he was immune to them. Starting from 2013 Evan went around the U.S. helping his clients and people who contacted him. Usually resulting with him being successful in helping them, making the monsters leave Stan's clients alone for a certain period of time. Wanting to reconcile with the family of his first victim, Stan also got in contact with Serena White, the sister of Stan White, who had become a medium due to her brother's death. Stan was never able to tell her the truth, so he lied and said he found out about her through a contact of his. Serena then became a therapist to Stan.

In early 2016, Susan found her birth father, David Dwight, reconnecting with him. She decided to partially move to Connecticut to rekindle their relationship, leaving Stan alone in Maine. Bored and lonely, Stan restarted his YouTube channel, as a way to keep him busy and educate his audience on the lives of those being haunted by monsters. Stan started to upload certain case files and investigations on YouTube.

Connor's Return

On May 5th Stan was contacted by a woman named Bianca, who claimed to have been stalked by a monster who was made out of "lines" and pure distortion. Stan went to her house to investigate, encountering the line monster. The line monster wrote Stan's full name on a nearby TV before attacking Stan and fleeing the scene. Some time later the same line monster broke into Stan's house, filming threatening videos with Stan's camera. This prompted Stan to cancel all his appointments, to focus on the line monster. After being attacked by the Rake and decoding some puzzles that had been sent to Serena White, Stan realized that the line monster was Connor, who had come back to life as a "Corruptelam", much like Erik in 2013.

Stan and Serena confronting Connor in "19. People".

Panicked, Stan started hatching a plan. One of Stan's previous clients had an odd case with a time displaced basement in their house. The basement was stuck in the year 2012, turning whoever entered the basement to their appearance in the year 2012. Stan traveled to the client's house along with Serena White, in hopes of luring Connor to the basement, which would then hopefully turn Connor back into a human, so Stan could kill him or at least trap him in there. Once they entered the client's house they quickly realized that Connor had found out about their plan, they had been compromised. Connor used the basement to his advantage, indeed turning human but overpowering Stan and Serena, incapacitating them. After talking with Stan, Connor shot Serena, killing her.

Defeated and broken, Stan returned back home, stopping the uploads. In honor of Serena, he decided to live life to the fullest and proposed to Susan, continuing the investigations off camera.



Oscar about to attack Stan in "22. All Work, No Play".

After marrying Susan, Stan learned that his father in law, David, wanted to write a book inspired by Stan's life and actions. Stan gave him permission and some time later received a rough draft of the book. Reading it, Stan became inspired to restart his YouTube channel once again, documenting his investigations to the public online. Stan was now aided by Susan, who would quite often help him with his cases and clients. Throughout the months, Stan had run-ins with the Rake, Slender Man, as well as new creatures. One day, Stan got contacted by Oscar, a young man who once pranked Stan as he didn't believe him. Being cautious, Stan traveled to Oscar's house, thinking he was going to prank him again but giving him the benefit of the doubt. To Stan's surprise and horror, Oscar was being serious this time, and had been corrupted by Connor. Oscar attacked Stan, stabbing him before fleeing his own house.

Stan meeting Dana and Willow in "24. Introductions".

Stan later got contacted by Dana Verse, a young woman who was living alone with her little sister, Willow in Georgia. Dana claimed that Willow was being stalked by monsters and asked Stan to visit them. Stan traveled to Maine with Susan, meeting Dana and Willow. Dana gave Stan a drawing Willow made of the monster, revealing it was the Seed Eater, a monster Stan had encountered before. Dana had to leave early as she had work, leaving Stan to babysit Willow. They bonded together, and Willow even gave Stan the drawing of the Seed Eater for him to keep. Returning home, Stan decided to try out a magic spell. If you drew three circles on a normal piece of paper, putting your hand on it, you would then be transported to a different dimension. Stan tried it out and it worked. The dimension he was transported to was very similar to earth, with one difference. Slender Man was not there, Stan could not feel him, he was free of his looming presence. Feeling truly happy, Stan even contemplated bringing his loved ones over to this dimension, so they could live in peace. He quickly snapped back to his self, remembering that that was not possible, as this reality already had a Stan. Though this dimension's Stan, along with everyone else, were all living normal lives, since this dimension never had a Slender Man.


Stan getting attacked by the Seed Eaters in "31. Monsters".

Over time Stan had more run ins with Slender Man, who slowly started to have more power and effect. At one point he made Stan hallucinate the children Stan murdered with Connor, and later even gave him temporary amnesia. Stan then went on a trip around the US, checking in on other people who had been documenting their paranormal encounters, who had stopped uploading. After making sure they were all fine, Stan returned home, only to get a message from Connor. Connor had begun rebuilding WeMustCollect, with Oscar being the first new member. Stan grew closer to Willow, babysitting her whenever Dana was at work. While drawing with her, Willow asked Stan when he was going to stop Connor. Confused, Stan asked her how she knew about him, before he realized that she must have found his YouTube channel. Suddenly, rustling noises started to come from the garage. Stan went to check, spotting the Seed Eater, before he could do something he was attacked from behind, revealing that there was another Seed Eater. Stan punched one of them in the face, before quickly leaving the garage and locking them in. He told Willow to call her sister, after which he started to tend his wounds. Having no idea what to do with them for the moment, Stan told Dana and Willow to keep them locked in the garage, and to stay as far away from them.

Stan talking to the Rake after finding Oscar's body in "33. The Oblivious, Oscar".

After another case, Stan got a message from Oscar. Oscar apologized to Stan, saying how he never wanted to cause harm to him, but Connor threatened him into doing his bidding. He then revealed that there wasn't a new WeMustCollect, Connor was bluffing. He then asked Stan for help, as he feared Connor would hurt him. Stan traveled to Oscar's house, only to find him hanging from the ceiling. Defeated and shocked, Stan brought his body down, afterwards sitting on the floor in disbelief. The Rake then came from behind Stan, prompting Stan to ask it why Connor is doing all of this. The Rake simply states that Connor doesn't like Stan, and wants him to suffer. Stan then asks why doesn't Connor just kill him. The Rake replies that, unlike Connor, it likes Stan, before leaving with Oscar's body. Stan then received another message from Connor, claiming that someone he loved was going to die soon. Connor gave Stan three options to guess who it was, A, his father-in-law David, B, his mother-in-law Julia, or C, his wife Susan.

Stan then spent time researching the Rake, why it likes him. He decided to visit Ahmed, a man who had been stalked by the Rake and knew Stan. Ahmed was now in prison, after he had murdered his own sister due to the Rake's influence. Ahmed revealed to Stan that he had seen the Rake quite often since coming to prison, and that he knew why the Rake liked Stan. Ahmed then told Stan that the reason the Rake likes him, is because the Rake is indebted to Stan. When Stan gave Connor as a sacrifice to the Rake in 2013, Connor eventually proposed a deal to the Rake. The deal would allow Connor to leave the Rake's realm and travel to the real world, where he could torment Stan, in return Connor would give the Rake more victims and bodies. The Rake agreed, with only one condition, that Connor could not kill Stan, as Stan had earned the Rake's gratitude by giving him Connor in the first place, who had proven to be a valuable asset. Hence why the Rake was indebted to Stan.

Stan listening to Willow getting attacked in "35. New York".

On June 4th Stan traveled to New York to meet Travis, one of his clients. Travis claimed that in 2015 the world plunged into darkness for an entire month, but no one remembered this event. Travis himself wouldn't have remembered this event if it wasn't for him finding a camera that belonged to his missing girlfriend, who had recorded the entire event throughout that month. During the event Travis' little brother went missing, kidnapped by Seed Eaters, the same kind that are now stalking Willow. Travis had been focusing all his efforts on learning information about the Seed Eaters, so he could hopefully find his brother. Travis told Stan that he had learned of a man who had been forced by the Seed Eaters to give them children. The man never wanted to do it, but the Seed Eaters corrupted his mind with their speaking. Horrified, Stan abruptly left. He got in his car and started traveling to Georgia, thinking that the Seed Eaters in Dana and Willow's garage may have corrupted Dana. Stan called Willow on the phone, who picked up and revealed to Stan that Dana had been acting weird. Stan responded to her that the monsters had made Dana sick, and that Willow needed to lock her door. Willow then told Stan that Dana was opening the garage door. As Willow locked her door, she realized that the monsters were outside her window. The Seed Eaters proceeded to break in through the Window, attacking Willow to Stan's horror. Dana then picked up the phone as a horrified Stan kept calling for Willow, Dana told Stan goodbye, and hung up.

Stan pulled over, seeing that he had new voice messages. The messages were from Dana, asking Stan for help as the monsters had been talking to her. Stan never got these messages in time, as Connor had been withholding them. He then got a message from Connor, that the person who died was "D, none of the above".


Stan reminiscing about his past in "36. Children".

Stan fell into a deep depression, stopping his investigations. Even though he loved David's book, he asked him to not publish it, as he no longer had Stan's permission. Stan contemplated on how he would stop Connor, before coming to a realization, he had to sacrifice himself in the process. Stan decided to make a deal with Slender Man. It would turn Connor into a human again, allowing Stan to murder him, and in return, Stan would give himself up to Slender Man.

Stan said goodbye to Susan and traveled to his childhood house. He brought a piece of paper with him, drawing the three circles and putting his hand on the paper. Once he was transported to the alternate dimension, Stan knocked on the door, which was then opened by that dimension's Erik. Since Slender Man didn't exist in this dimension, Erik was never taken, and had grown up. Stan gave the grown up Erik a hug, saying goodbye to "his" brother, before leaving. He then put his hand on the piece of paper again, traveling back to his own dimension, entering his childhood house, abandoned after his parents and Erik had died. Stan entered his childhood room, putting a gun to his head as a way to lure Connor. Connor appeared and tried to pull the trigger, but the bullet wouldn't come out. Stan couldn't die, because the Rake wouldn't allow it since he was indebted.

Stan confronting Connor in "40. Amendments".

Stan and Connor talked to each other, before getting into an argument. After they were done, Stan opened his room's door, to reveal Slender Man in the hallway. Slender Man started to manipulate time and turned Connor into a human. Connor, shocked, begged Stan for his life, but to no avail. Stan proceeded to shoot Connor multiple times, killing him. Stan left the room, locking an enraged Rake inside of it. Stan then approached Slender Man, who started to take him. Not wanting to give Slender Man the pleasure, Stan killed himself with his gun. Slender Man then took Stan's body away, leaving the camera behind. Shortly after, a pair of legs approached the camera, proceeding to pick it up. It was Stan, who had come back to life as a Corruptelam. Stan now had the appearance of the grown up Erik, his favorite memory, and decided to get back to work and help people again.


A Good Deed

More to be added.




  • Susan Dwight Frederick - Susan is Stan's wife who he loves dearly. He has a close relationship with her that's often playful and bantery. This can be seen in "22. All Work, No Play" and "31. Monsters", where Stan is attacked by the Seed Eaters and calls Susan to tell her he loves her, with her responding by simply saying "okay", making Stan laugh. She often helped Stan during his paranormal investigations and once Stan "died", she continued where he left off.
  • Erik Frederick † - Erik is Stan's deceased brother whom he was very close with. Erik's death is something that continued to haunt Stan for the rest of his life. Despite the circumstances of Erik's death, Stan always remembered the fond times he had with him. Keeping his memory alive in a positive way.
  • Stan's parents † - Stan and Erik's parents, they were killed by Slender Man. Judging from the VHS tapes posted by Stan, they were very loving people who had a good relationship with their children.
  • David and Julia Dwight - Stan's parents-in-law who he seems to have a good relationship with. Stan was closer to David, who he let write a book about him.


  • Serena White - Serena is Stan's best friend and his therapist. Stan murdered her brother with Connor, who they then gave to Slender Man. Stan's immense guilt lead to him contacting Serena years later, wanting to apologize, though he never had the courage to until much later. Stan and Serena's relationship is similar to that of his and Susan's, with Serena worrying about Stan's mental health.
  • Teacher - Inter-dimensional being.
  • Willow Verse † (Original Timeline) - Willow and Stan became very close to each other. Stan often babysat her when Dana was at work and started to view her as family. Willow was Stan's second chance at redemption, to make up for all the children he killed with Connor. Her death at the hands of the Seed Eaters hit Stan the hardest out of anything else, becoming Stan's greatest failure.
  • Dana Verse † (Original Timeline) - Dana and Stan were on good terms. Dana trusted Stan enough to let him babysit Willow whenever she wasn't around.
  • Angel - One of the members of Dominic's support group.
  • Havier - One of the members of Dominic's support group.
  • Oscar - A teenager who pranked Stan, he was later unwillingly recruited by Connor to be part of the new WeMustCollect.


  • Connor Dwight † - Connor is Stan's former partner-in-crime. Their relationship is extremely complicated, once being friendly and almost brotherly, before turning sour. Connor's hatred for Stan went as far as to kill innocent people, just so he could hurt Stan. Despite all of this, Stan still somewhat sympathized with Connor.
  • Dominic Reyes † (Original Timeline) - Dominic was helped by Stan in 2016. He was being stalked by Slender Man, who was corrupting Dominic into killing an innocent woman, Kate. After being helped by Stan, Dominic wanted to continue the good deeds done by Stan, and started a support group for other Slender Man victims. Dominic was later killed by Stan after he found out that Dominic had relapsed and murdered Kate for Slender Man.
  • Ahmed † - The brother of one of Stan's clients, he murdered his sister under the Rake's "influence", though Stan doesn't believe this.



  • Stan White - Harvested by Connor and Stan. (Death reversed by himself after timeline reset.)
  • Gabriel - Harvested with likely help from Connor. (Death reversed by himself after timeline reset.)
  • Abby - Harvested with likely help from Connor. (Death reversed by himself after timeline reset.)
  • Alexandra - Harvested with likely from Connor. (Death reversed by himself after timeline reset.)
  • Bobbi - Harvested with likely help from Connor. (Death reversed by himself after timeline reset.)
  • Kristin - Harvested with likely help from Connor. (Death reversed by himself after timeline reset.)
  • Franky - Harvested with likely help from Connor. (Death reversed by himself after timeline reset.)
  • Shaun - Harvested with likely help from Connor. (Death reversed by himself after timeline reset.)
  • Hernan - Harvested with likely help from Connor. (Death reversed by himself after timeline reset.)
  • Naomi - Harvested with likely help from Connor. (Death reversed by himself after timeline reset.)
  • Samuel - Harvested with likely help from Connor. (Death reversed by himself after timeline reset.)
  • Loretta - Harvested by Stan. (Death reversed by himself after timeline reset.)
  • Roger - Harvested by Stan. (Death reversed by himself after timeline reset.)


  • Connor Dwight - Shot to death by Stan. (Death reversed by himself after timeline reset.)
  • Dominic Reyes - Killed by Stan. (Death reversed by himself after timeline reset.)
  • Connor Dwight - Poisoned by past Stan in 2009.


Original Timeline - 15

Second Timeline - 1


  • Though he's been redeemed, Stan can still be considered a villain based on his past actions and even certain actions he committed while redeeming himself.
  • Whenever Stan gets depressed he experiences joint pains, something that actually happens to his actor in real life.
  • Stan has had the most crossover appearances than any other Slenderverse character, crossing over with 14 other webseries.
  • There was a constant gag of Stan encountering an unknown green colored monster, who never appeared on camera.
  • Stan in his Corruptelam form is quite possibly one of the most powerful Slenderverse characters ever.


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