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You f*ck with the bull, you get the horn.
~ Stan Liddy

Stan Liddy is the secondary antagonist in Season 5 of Dexter. He was a corrupt cop that Joey Quinn hires to find dirt on Dexter Morgan, who he suspects is a criminal.

He was portrayed by Peter Weller, who also portrayed Mr. Yin in Psych, Caleb Thies in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Christopher Henderson in 24, Alexander Marcus in Star Trek: Into Darkness, Batman in The Dark Knight Returns, and John Frederick Paxton in Star Trek Enterprise.


Stan Liddy was under investigation by Internal Affairs for his corrupt activities and was eventually arrested in an undercover sting operation. He is later released and put on suspension but is later fired. He later meets Joey Quinn in a bar and is hired to find evidence on Dexter Morgan.

Liddy spies on Dexter and eventually learns about Lumen Pierce, Dexter's accomplice in some of his crimes. Liddy follows them and takes photos of them dumping bags into the ocean; unbeknownst to him, the dead body parts of Cole Harmon are in those bags.

Liddy shows this to Quinn but the latter tells him to stop investigating Dexter. Liddy refuses and becomes obsessed with finding what Dexter is hiding to the point where he steals surveillance equipment from Miami Metro. He eventually kidnaps Dexter when the latter finds out he is stalking him and tries to kidnap Liddy.

Liddy calls Quinn to come and arrest Dexter. Liddy tries to bargain with Dexter into making a confession and promises to keep Lumen out of it. Dexter refuses and kicks Liddy in the face and they start fighting. Liddy pulls out a knife and tries to kill Dexter but is overpowered and killed by Dexter in self-defense. Quinn arrives shortly later but Dexter locks the doors to the van he is in and Quinn leaves after getting no response.

Liddy's body is later found and Quinn becomes a suspect but is later cleared when Dexter tampers with evidence.


  • Stan is one of two major antagonists in the series who never kill anyone, the other being Jacob Elway.

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