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Stan Potolsky is a character in the TV Show Gotham, serving as the main antagonist of season 1 episode "Viper". He was a scientist working for WellZyn, who created the drug Viper. Stan knew about Viper's consequences and wanted WellZyn to stop making drugs, he hoped to force them to by distributing Viper in the streets. Hoping that if enough people died, WellZyn would stop.

He was portrayed by Daniel London.


Early life

Stan was a biochemist working for WellZyn who created Viper, and its successor Venom. Stan warned Martha and Thomas Wayne of the side-effects of the drug, and they proceeded to close the project on the drug. But after the Wayne murder, the board of Wayne Enterprises re-opened the project, much to Stan's displeasure.

Terrorizing Gotham

Together with his philosophy teacher, Stan planned to give the drug to many of Gotham's citizens, including Benny and Charmagne. He later tried to murder several of Wayne enterprises employees, including Bruce Wayne, Molly Mathis and Sid Bunderslaw.

Final Stand and Death

When he was releasing the Viper gases, he was confronted by Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock in the balcony of the building. The detectives shot the machine where the gas was, and all the gas was instead breathed by Potolsky. Potolsky said that the detectives should check Warehouse 39, and then said that his mission was over. Potolsky then jumped off the rooftop, falling to his death.


  • Potolsky is one of the few Gotham villains who actually have some noble objectives, but kill in order to reach their objectives.


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