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Stan Woozle and Heff Heffalump are minor antagonists in The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

Stan was voiced by the late Ken Sansom, and Heff was voiced by the late Chuck McCann.


Working together in a duo, Stan is portrayed as calm, cunning, and bright, mirroring Heff's cowardly, loud, stupid nature. They made their first appearance in "The Great Honey Pot Robbery", where after being caught by Roo, Stan visits Wooster, a fellow woozle, to lead them to Pooh's house. However, Pooh and Wooster become friends, and after the two is chased away, swear that they will get Pooh's honey, hell or high water.

In "A Bird in the Hand", the duo attempts to kidnap Kessie and demand a trade of her for honey. However, Kessie manages to make the duo give her what she desires, resulting in honey flooding their main base and the duo to command Kessie to get away from them. They never appear again after this.



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