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== Trivia ==
== Trivia ==
* Lead designer Emil Pagliarulo has revealed that "Betty" was partly inspired by [[Anthony Fremont ]]of the ''Twilight Zone'' episode "It's A Good Life."
* Lead designer Emil Pagliarulo has revealed that "Betty" was partly inspired by [[Anthony Fremont ]]of the ''Twilight Zone'' episode "It's A Good Life."
* Braun himself shares notable similarities to AM from Harlan Elison's ''I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream: ''a supercomputer of seemingly infinite power and sadism, AM exists solely to torture the survivors of a nuclear apocalypse; most appropriately of all, both Braun and AM are thwarted by the threat of having their playthings killed.
* Braun himself shares notable similarities to [[AM]] from Harlan Elison's ''I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream: ''a supercomputer of seemingly infinite power and sadism, AM exists solely to torture the survivors of a nuclear apocalypse; most appropriately of all, both Braun and AM are thwarted by the threat of having their playthings killed.
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Stanislaus Braun is the Overseer of Vault 112, a brilliant Vault-Tec scientist known for

creating the Garden of Eden Creation Kit (G.E.C.K.), and a minor antagonist in Fallout 3. He is encountered during the mission "Tranquility Lane" during the Lone Wanderer's search for their father, who had sought out Braun for information concerning the G.E.C.K.


Before The War

Born in the small Bavarian town of Kronach, Stanislaus Braun quickly made a name for himself as a brilliant scientist, conducting many celebrated astonishing experiments over the course of his long and varied career. However, the most famous of these were his theories on preserving and propagating life, which ultimately got the attention of both the US Military and Vault-Tec: the former briefly contracted Braun to provide new methods for sustaining humanity in the wake of a nuclear war; the latter offered him a job, which he accepted - gaining national acclaim as Vault-Tec's "sorcerer-scientist."

During his employment by Vault-Tec, Braun created the Garden Of Eden Creation Kit, a highly-advanced terraforming device that could be used to transform lifeless post-nuclear wastelands into fertile, purified landscapes - inadvertently creating one of the Fallout series' more prominent McGuffins in the process.

It was also during this time that the aging scientist was made a Director for Vault-Tec's Societal Preservation Program, allowing him an influential role in the creation of the infamous Vaults. Initially, he played a large role in planning the experiments assigned to the various Vaults; however, all this changed with the creation of Vault 112 and Braun's new assignment as Overseer. Over the course of the construction and preparation, Braun became less and less engaged with the concerns of the outside world, until he finally retreated into the role of Overseer for good. It is not known what Vault-Tec hoped hoped to learn from the experiments conducted in Vault 112, but given the fact that no experiments are registered in any of the local terminals, it is possible that Braun commissioned the entire Vault and all its contents as a retirement present for himself.

The last Vault constructed prior to the Great War, Vault 112 was equipped with a highly-sophisticated virtual reality simulator, all interfaced with the "Tranquility Loungers" in which the Vault's populace would stay: while the bodies of the inhabitants remained in suspended animation inside the loungers, their minds were interfaced with the simulator, allowing them to spend the duration of their stay in an almost infinite variety of settings, doing theoretically anything they pleased. Since the Vault itself was powered by geothermal energy and maintained by an army of specially-designed robobrain caretakers, the occupants would have been able continue life in this virtual heaven almost indefinitely.

However, Braun was not interested in allowing a virtual heaven; immediately enthralled by the idea of a virtual world in which he could indulge his sadistic fantasies, he quickly went about dismantling the mechanisms that would have allowed the other residents to control the simulation, to leave their loungers, or even remember who they were. Instead, as Overseer, he seized total administrative control over the simulation, ensuring that anyone unfortunate enough to be assigned to Vault 112 would find themselves condemned to unending torment under Braun's control. However, Braun was farsighted enough to recognize that even with so many possibilities for entertainment, he might eventually grow bored with immortality: so, he commissioned a special program from the US Military, designed to simulate a Chinese invasion of the simulation - bypassing the safety measures that protected the inhabitants and killing everyone connected to the simulator. To his eventual dismay, Braun found that the safety protocols still protected him as Overseer: the program would kill everyone else in the Vault, but leave him alive. Disappointed, he kept the "Chinese Invasion Failsafe" well-hidden within his auxiliary command terminal.

When the air raid sirens finally sounded, Stannislaus Braun was greeted by the new residents of Vault 112, who obligingly donned their jumpsuits and took their seats in the Tranquility Loungers - unwittingly dooming themselves to an eternity of virtual hell as Braun's playthings.

Toucan Lagoons and Slalom Chalets

The inhabitants of Vault 112 were to spend the next two hundred years being tortured by Braun in a wide variety of ways; though most of them remain unknown even now, Braun's privileges as Overseer allowed him alter himself, the virtual environment or the residents in any way he pleased, allowing him terrifying variety in tormenting his victims. One way or the other, a pattern began to emerge: Braun would virtually murder everyone in the simulation, bring them back to life and erase their memories of the event, allowing him to repeat the pattern as many times as he pleased, enjoying the fear and pain of his victims as they "died" over and over again. Eventually, he would get bored with one particular scenario and switch over to the next one. Like most of Braun's virtual atrocities, most of these scenarios remain unrecorded and unknown, though two survive as entries on the auxiliary terminal.

One of these scenarios was Toucan Lagoon, presumably involving a tropical island of some sort: while playing here, Braun deliberately removed anything that could make the residents feel comfortable or safe, and assaulted them from all sides with virtual dangers. He drew particular delight from watching Martha Simpson slowly wasting away from scurvy and listening to the agonized screams of Timmy Neusbaum as he was eaten alive by a mako shark - over and over again. After several years of this, Braun grew tired of the scenario and decided to take a skiing holiday in the Swiss Alps by subjecting his playthings to the scenario "Slalom Chalet." Once again, Braun subjected the victims to as much horror and pain as he possibly could, from avalanches to frostbite: his terminal entries from this time mention his joy at watching Mrs Dithers slip up and accidentally impale herself on a wrought-iron fence. In the end, Braun lost interest again and moved onto the next scenario in line - Tranquility Lane.

A monochromatic suburban cul-de-sac reminiscent of 1950s television sitcoms, Tranquility Lane was Braun's favorite scenario: his playthings felt safe here, even at home, and perhaps for the first time since he'd started torturing them, Braun was able to exploit this false sense of security, making them feel even more comfortable in the illusion of suburban life - then relishing the fear that resulted when the illusion was shattered.

At some point in the years leading up to the events of Fallout 3, Vault 112 received its first visitor in over two centuries: a scientist by the name of Horace Pinkerton was able to enter the vault and steal a memory chip from one of the Tranquility Loungers, later to be used in rebuilding the android known as Harkness. It is believed that this act of sabotage was what ultimately freed Mrs Dithers from the simulator's block on her memories: though she was still unable to escape or fight back, Braun was no longer able to erase or control her memories. Suddenly remembering that she was trapped in a virtual world, Dithers attempted to warn the other inhabitants of what happened. Braun responded by aging her into "Old Lady Dithers" and adjusting the memories of the other inhabitants so that they would dismiss her as senile and deluded.

Some time after the game's prologue concludes, Vault 112 received its second major in the from of James, the father of the Lone Wanderer. Following his escape from Vault 101, James had tracked down Vault 112 during his quest to find a working G.E.C.K. (or some research on the subject) for Project Purity; however, he had not been expecting to find the legendary Stanislaus Braun alive and still active within the Vault. Believing that a scientist of Braun's stature would be more than capable of helping him purify the Capital Wasteland's water supply, James took a seat in an unoccupied Tranquility Lounger in the hope of interviewing Braun in person.

He's still there when the Lone Wanderer follows his trail to the Vault.

Tranquility Lane

Having also escaped from Vault 101, the Lone Wanderer has been tracking James for most of the story up until this point, having followed the trail of clues all over the Capital Wasteland - from Megaton to Galaxy News Radio, from Rivet City to the Project Purity labs at the Jefferson Memorial. Having learned of James' mission to Vault 112 from the laboratory journey, the Wanderer continues the pursuit to the hidden location west of Evergreen Mills. However, upon entering the Vault, the player - believed to be a resident over two hundred years late - is greeted by one of the robobrain caretakers and asked to take a seat in one of the tranquility loungers. With James unresponsive and no way of extracting him from his own lounger, the Wander reluctantly complies.

Immediately, the Wanderer is stranded in Tranquility Lane, deprived of all gear and regressed to ten years of age by the simulation. The residents greet the Wanderer as one of the neighbors and suggest having a word with "Betty," a girl known for hanging around Tranquility Lane's central gardens with a dog named "Doc."

Betty is very quickly revealed to be Stanislaus Braun's current form, having apparently taken the form of a little girl for the sake of novelty; furthermore, it's later revealed that "Doc" is actually James, having been transformed into a dog after presumably refusing to cooperate with the Overseer's demands. Fortunately, Braun is more amused by the Wanderer's intrusion, and offers to answer the questions put to him and even provide a way out of the program - on the condition that the Wanderer agrees to entertain him: after over two hundred years of conducting the torture himself, Braun has once again grown bored with the current pattern of things and now wants to watch someone else ruin the lives of his playthings.

From here, the player has two choices: the first and most difficult is to ignore Braun's requests for amusement and try to find another way out. Over the course of this option, the Wanderer can meet with Old Lady Dithers; though distressed and barely lucid after decades of being killed in the simulation, she provides crucial information on the Chinese Invasion Failsafe and points the Wanderer towards the abandoned house where Braun "lives." There, the Wanderer is able to eventually unlock Braun's auxiliary terminal and activate the Chinese Invasion Failsafe: in the ensuing massacre, the residents of Vault 112 are killed once and for all, leaving only the Wanderer, James, and Braun. Enraged at having nobody left to play with, Braun bitterly explodes at the player for spoiling his fun. However, thanks to the override at the terminal, he is unable to stop James and the Wanderer from escaping - leaving him trapped alone in Tranquility Lane for the rest of eternity.

The second and easier of the two options is to comply with Braun and provide him with entertainment: first beginning with the relatively simple task of making Timmy Neusbaum cry, he then tasks the Wanderer with breaking up the Rockwells' marriage, then with killing Mabel Henderson in a "creative" way. Finally, he has the Wanderer dress up as a Pre-War serial killer known as the the Pint-Sized Slasher and kill every surviving resident in the simulation. With all the tasks completed, Braun will congratulate the Wanderer for a good show, and allow both Wanderer and James to simulation. Of course, Braun will inevitably bring the residents back to life after the Lone Wanderer has left, just as he has countless times before, and will no doubt continue his endless games of torture.

Regardless of what the player chooses, Stanislaus Braun will be left alive to continue his amusements - or his newfound prison sentence - for a virtual eternity.


Betty Tranquility Lane

Braun as Betty

Stannislaus Braun is in many ways a psychopath: grandiose, sadistic, egotistical, driven by an intense desire for stimulation and excitement, and lacking any form of empathy or remorse for his actions, Braun is easily one of the most reprehensible figures in the entire Fallout series. His adopted form of Betty is appropriate in this context, as it perfectly embodies the childish sense of entitlement and cruelty that Braun demonstrates, gleefully watching the massacres play out like a child seeing ants being fried under a magnifying glass. It's not known if he was always like this or if the simulation simply gave him the freedom to indulge his darker habits until he simply stopped bothering to restrain himself; given Vault-Tec's propensity for sadistic and pointless experiments, the former may be likely.

Arguably Braun's two most distinctive traits are his sadism and lack of empathy: quite apart from the fact that he can enact such brutal tortures and later wax rhapsodic on the sight of Mrs Dither's blood spraying across the snow, he never once acknowledges the fact that the victims of his games are anything other than playthings. However, Braun is not delusional: he knows that the people trapped in his game are real and capable of experiencing real suffering - indeed, that's the whole point. In one log entry, he mentions that he could easily use the simulator to create realistic imitation humans for him to torture, but being driven by A.I. routines, they wouldn't be able to demonstrate the full range of human behavior, making them no fun as playthings. Live human subjects are the only viable candidate for his torture - hence the reason why James and the Wanderer were allowed into the simulation in the first place.

Powers And Skills

Along with his vast intellect and scientific knowledge, Braun is in complete control of the simulation, capable of altering himself and others in whichever way he pleases. Having already taken on the form of Betty for the duration of the mission, he also transforms James into a dog, regresses the Wanderer into a child, and even transforms Timmy Neusbaum into a garden gnome after the Wanderer has finished making him cry. Braun is also effectively invincible within this simulation, and any attempts to attack him will result in the Wanderer being struck dead by a bolt of lightning.


  • Lead designer Emil Pagliarulo has revealed that "Betty" was partly inspired by Anthony Fremont of the Twilight Zone episode "It's A Good Life."
  • Braun himself shares notable similarities to AM from Harlan Elison's I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream: a supercomputer of seemingly infinite power and sadism, AM exists solely to torture the survivors of a nuclear apocalypse; most appropriately of all, both Braun and AM are thwarted by the threat of having their playthings killed.
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