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Stanley Hopson is a major protagonist from Paradise P.D. He is a senile, mentally deficient, perverted, bisexual, and mildly racist, one-hundred and seventy-five-year-old man, who works as a police officer for Paradise Police Department.

Although Hopson is mainly a hero and enforcer of the law, there have been several times when he's done things that have ranged from being arguably unethical to outright villainous.

He is voiced by Dana Snyder, who has also voiced Dusty Marlow and Glenda within the same show, Gary Sedi in Superjail!, and Master Shake in Aqua Teen Hunger Force.


Stanley Hopson was born in 1843 to an unknown mother and father. Despite having been born such a long time ago, Hopson is still alive to this day, as an extremely old man.

Throughout his life, Hopson has had gay sex with tons of historical figures such as Mickey Rooney, Nichola Tesla, and Jimmy Carter just to name a few. The graphic details of these sexual acts have been elaborated through many of Hopson's rambling stories. From what can be gathered, Hopson's sexual exploits are all very obscure and kinky. For example, in "Ass on the Line" Hopson details how he "trained" with Joe Lewis and Jack Dempsy, with him in the middle.

Although the vast majority of Hopson's sexual exploits are between him and other men, there have been a very small number of female partners he's had as well. For instance, in "Police Academy", it was learned that Hopson once had a long-lasting romance with a woman named Esmeralda. As for a more modern instance of straight sex, in "The Father, The Son, and The Holy Post-It Note", Hopson said that he got kicked out of his retirement home for sucking on his nurse's nipples. This proves Hopson to be a bisexual, who leans mostly toward men, while still dabbling in women.

Currently, Hopson is employed as a police officer at Paradise Police Department, with his boss being Randall Crawford. Randall hates Hopson, thinking that he's ridiculously too old to be working there but as mentioned in "Welcome to Paradise", he can't afford to pay for his pension so he can retire, meaning he's stuck with him.


Stanley Hopson is an extremely old, frail, and senile man, with pasty white skin, wrinkles all over his face and body, and balding grayish-white hair that's barely there anymore. Aside from his blue police shirt and darker blue police pants, Hopson wears brown square glasses.


Stanley Hopson is a mentally deficient, crazed, and confused old man, who is clearly suffering from dementia. Hopson is mostly known for being a perverted, sexually active, bisexual deviant, who loves engaging in depraved sex with other people and he's not afraid to admit it. Hopson has the tendency to run around naked, have sex with random people, animals, and objects, and most of all, tell graphic and vulgar stories about his colorful past with having sex with a diverse plethora of famous historical figures.

Villainous Acts

  • In "Welcome to Paradise", Hopson said that he pulled over a "suspicious-looking colored fellow", who turned out to be his own co-worker, Gerald Fitzgerald. As stated later by Fitz, this was the third time that Hopson had arrested him that week.
  • In "Black & Blue", Hopson used his mutated crab claw to strangle Randall.
  • In "Meet the Jabowskis", Randall was locked out of the police department after it was overrun by criminals and Hopson said that he wouldn't allow him in unless he kissed him on the penis through the mail slot. Randall hesitantly did just that and Hopson refused to let him in. At the end of the episode, Hopson locked Randall out by himself and once again made him kiss his penis.
  • In "Police Academy", Hopson made Dusty do a bunch of unethical things for him such as spank a child and call Mike Tyson the "N Word".
  • In "Parent Trap", Hopson and Bullet got drunk and shot a guy in a turkey costume, mistaking him for an actual turkey, and later cooked his corpse in the oven and then sliced up his body and served it to a group of homeless people (one of which was the victim's son).
  • In "Christmas in Paradise", Hopson corrupted Kevin's search for the true kingpin of the argyle meth corporation by destroying evidence and threatening him with a gun, demanding that he quit snooping around in the argyle meth business. Although at first, it seemed as though he was doing this because he was the kingpin, it turned out that that he was only doing this because he was worried that Kevin would find out that he had seen a drunken and breasted Randall on the night of Terry Two-Toes' murder.
  • In "The Father, The Son, and The Holy Post-It Note", Hopson said he got kicked out of his retirement home for sucking on the orderly's breasts. Hopson was also revealed to be on the sex offender list.
  • In "Flip the Vote", Hopson died and went to Hell, proving that he must be villainous enough to go there. He was revived later in the episode and brought Bullet, Dusty, and Gina back from the dead but not before teabagging their corpses first.
  • In "Paradise P.D. Meets Brickleberry", Hopson tricked Bullet and Denzel into having sex with him, by pretending to be a supreme being, while they were high.
  • In "Fallout", it was revealed that during the interlude between the the last episode and the present when the officers and Karen took refuge and shelter in the sewers Hopson encouraged Bullet (and potentially some of the others) into drinking his "homemade" "Hopson's Fuck it N' Forget it" , which was actually just drain cleaner with a written piece of paper taped on. As a result of encouraging Bullet to consume this constantly, Bullet in an inebriated state had sex with Fitz's dolphin wife and impregnated her with his child, causing him to feel deeply guilty about hiding it for the entire season.
  • In "Ice Ice Babies", Hopson, offscreen sexually assaults an anthropomorphic Stork.
  • In "How The Cookie Crumbles", Hopson finally hits Randall's limit with his perverse sexual deviancy and Randal fires him from the Paradise P.D. show itself and not just the police force. Hopson tries to "get another job", i.e sneak onto other shows and steal the roles of pivotal characters like Maurie from Big Mouth, by wearing a Maurie costume. Unfortunately Hopson sneaks onto "The Boss Baby", by mistake and offers the titular character sex advice, greatly frightening the infant and leads to Hopson being promptly kicked off the set. Hopson then refuses to return to his original show after he successfully steals the role of Morty on Rick and Morty. Hopson doesn't want to leave his usurped role because he's deluded himself into believing that his perverse behavior on the show is just a series of metaphors for the show's nihilistic and cynical tones. He claims he's been nominated for an Emmy on his monologue on "How Mickey Rooney's moist butthole relates to quantum physics". Hopson then claims the "Star of the Show", Rick loved it but as he turns around it's revealed that Hopson actually drove Rick to commit suicide. This is likely a result of irritating him with his perverse behavior and it's heavily implied that Hopson might've actually killed Morty or molested Morty to the point where he was too traumatized to continue his role, which likely sent Rick, a cynical and nihilistic alcoholic into a depression. This reveals his bluff and he reluctantly returns to the show to help out his fellow officers out of a legal situation. This still doesn't justify his actions though as he drove at least one person to suicide and molested and/or killed a minor.



  • In "Police Academy", Stanley died and went to Heaven. However, when he died in "Flip the Vote", he went to Hell.
  • Stanley has the distinction of being the only main cast member without a Brickleberry counterpart.


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