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Stanley Woods is a villain in I Spit on Your Grave.


Stanley was a young man who was friends with Johnny Stillman, Matthew Duncan, and Andy Chirensky. When Jennifer Hills rented a cabin in the area where they lived, Johnny suggested the group rape her, which Stanley and the others agreed to. Stanley brought a camera to record the rape. After the men finished raping her and destroyed her novel, Johnny ordered Matthew to kill Jennifer. Matthew couldn't bring himself to do it, so he spared her, which caused Stanley and the others to become annoyed with him.

After Jennifer went on a killing spree to get revenge on the men, Stanley met up with Andy to go out on a boat. The two were the last victims. Jennifer attacked them both together. She knocked Stanley into the water and caused him to get disemboweled by the boat motor, after killing Andy with an axe.

Many years later, Stanley's brother Kevin, along with numerous other relatives of the rapists, would attempt an act of revenge upon Jennifer.


Out of all the men, Stanley was the most depraved. He was the most sadistic of the group and even went as far as to record the rape so they could re-watch it. The rest of the group even label him a sexual predator. Furthermore, he was the only one to not display any redeeming qualities (Matthew showed genuine remorse, Johnny loved his family, and Andy tried to save Stanley). Just like Johnny and Andy, Stanley was a misogynist who viewed women as toys for his amusement.

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