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You'd think I'd be used to facing art and office supplies by now...but this one is SUPER scary! The barking! The biting! Those sharp, sharp staples! Hey, wait! Those staples must be why all of our folded friends can't unfold themselves... This thing must've bit them! It locked them into angry origami forms! BAD dog!
~ Olivia theorizes that the Stapler might be why the Folded Soldiers cannot revert to their former selves.

The Stapler, also called the Fanged Fastener, is a major antagonist and penultimate boss in Paper Mario: The Origami King. He is a member of King Olly's Legion of Stationery and the sixth and final member Mario fights. It is a sentient black stapler that guards the Origami Castle as Olly's last line of defense, similarly to a guard dog.

The Stapler has a black metallic body with staples in his mouth, allowing him to bind his victims with his "bite".


The Stapler is only briefly seen before his boss fight where he can be seen at the very beginning of the game turning the Koopa Troop into Folded Soldiers, stapling them so they could not unfold themselves back to normal. The Stapler also stapled Bowser into his weakling folded form with his bite.

At the end of the game when Mario and his friends raid the Origami Castle in their quest to confront and stop Olly, he calls upon the Stapler to deal with them in the room before his throne. The Stapler attacks Mario using his staples, biting him twice to the ground. If not blocked, Mario is pinned down for an extra turn. Stapler can charge an attack that makes him rapidly bite Mario, although it leaves him vulnerable for an extra turn as the monster needs to refill his staples. The Stapler starts out with regular gray staples, making him deal mediocre damage, before shifting to red and later gold as he loses a third of his health, each dealing more damage than before.

Once he weakens the Stapler enough, Mario performs the 1,000 Fold-Arms technique to destroy the Stapler by splitting his mouth wide enough to break. Upon Stapler's death, the staple restricting Bowser is destroyed, allowing him to fold back to his normal form.

After Olivia's wish reverts her brother's actions, Stapler turns back into a regular stapler.





  • An error happens when the battle with the Stapler concludes. The Stapler has his mouth fixed following the battle, even though Paper Mario split it wide open.
  • The Stapler is the only member of the Legion of Stationery to not be guarding an origami streamer. Nor does he speak, instead having a dog-like personality.


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