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The complete Star Wolf team from left to right: Andrew Oikonny, Leon Powalski, Wolf O'Donnell, Pigma Dengar, and Panther.

Star Wolf is the name of a mercenary team that rivals the Star Fox team. They have appeared in nearly every Star Fox game since their debut in Star Fox 64. Originally appearing as hired by Andross to defeat team Star Fox, they continue to rival the Star Fox team and have on occasion provided assistance to destroy mutual enemies.


  • Wolf O'Donnell: Leader and Founder of Star Wolf. This pilot has a personal vendetta against Fox McCloud.
  • Leon Powalski: A cool and collected chameleon that seems to target Star Fox team member Falco Lombardi. He is also Wolf's right-hand man. Besides Wolf O'Donnell Leon is the only original Star Wolf team member who consistently stayed with the team since Star Fox 64.
  • Pigma Dengar: A pirate pig who was originally a member of the Star Fox team when it was Run by Fox' father James McCloud. He joined Star Wolf after betraying his fellow Star Fox members over to Andross. Pigma targets his former ally and best friend, Peppy due to their past history on Star Fox. During Star Fox Assault, it is revealed by Wolf that Pigma was kicked off the Star Wolf team due to his insatisfiable greed.
  • Andrew Oikonny: An inexperienced pilot. He is Andross nephew. He targets Slippy. Also, after Andross's death he lead the venom army.
  • Panther Caroso: Newer member of Star Wolf. He is rather conceited and believes himself to be a ladies man to which he generally targets Krystal. His first appearance is Star Fox Assault.


  • The Star Wolf team were originally going to debut in the unreleased SNES game Star Fox 2.
  • The Star Wolf team did not appear in the original Star Fox and Star Fox Adventures.
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