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Brandon aka Starburst was an enemy of Static in Static Shock.

He is voiced by David Faustino, who also voiced Dagur the Deranged in DreamWorks Dragons.


Brandon was a physics student who became a personal assistant to Bernie Rast. He wrote a screenplay for Bernie, hoping that it would gain him fame in Hollywood. Unfortunately, Bernie was tough boss who kept forgetting Brandon's name and didn't even bother reading his script. He noticed that his boss was making a reality show of Static, and took this as his opportunity to make money for himself.

Brandon invented a transmitter that would allow him to use Static's powers. He placed the transmitter on the microphone that the superhero was using during the show. Copying Static's powers, Brandon created a costume for himself and called himself Starburst. Starburst used his invention to start a robbery spree. Static arrived and tried to stop him, but Starburst proved to be too powerful for the young superhero. Starburst's box helped him to defeat Static when Static used Dakota's power grid for extra power.

Gear found Starburst's invention in Static's microphone and noticed that Starburst appeared only when Static was recording. Static destroyed the microphone, making Starburst powerless. Gear caught him with a zap cap, and Bernie Rast unmasked Starburst. Revealing himself to Brandon, Brandon told his former employer why he became Starburst, only to be cut off by Rast's phone call. Starburst was taken to jail after his unmasking.


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