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The Stardroids are Robot Masters from space that appeared in Mega Man V on Game Boy. They are also the main antagonists in that game. Their serial numbers are given with SRN-[insert number here].


Stardroids are a series of robots from an ancient alien civilization that Dr. Wily found in some unnamed ruins. Dr. Wily reprogrammed them to use the robots in an attempt to conquer the world. Each of the Stardroids have a name of one of the Solar System's planets (and 1 star).Their serial numbers start with SRN which stands for Space Ruler Number.


Mega Man V

All the Stardroids first appeared in Mega Man V. Dr. Wily found them in some unknown ruins and decided to use them to conquer the world. With this they were brought back online and attacked the world, being led by Terra. Mega Man, after being defeated by Terra, was then upgraded with the new Mega Arm and was dispatched to defeat them.

After defeating four of the Stardroids and Dark Moon, the battle soon shifted to space itself where he defeated the last four Stardroids, and finally in a rematch against Terra where he won. Mega Man then discovers that Dr. Wily was the leader of the Stardroids. On the Wily Star, Mega Man has a rematch against the Mega Man Killers, Quint, and eight of the Stardroids, except Terra.

Soon after defeating Dr. Wily, the scientist released another robot, excavated from the same ruins, the doomsday weapon Sunstar. However, Sunstar would not obey Wily and attacked him after he was released, causing him to retreat. Sunstar then faced Mega Man, and after three battle phases, was defeated. The robot was surprised when his enemy showed kindness and offered to repair him, as he believed robots could only fight, but he would never known if he could do more than fighting as his fusion reactor was critical and would soon explode. After Mega Man escapes from the fortress, Sunstar explodes, taking the Wily Star with him.

Other Media Appearance


Mega Man Gigamix

The Stardroids are powerful space robots that attack Earth after being inadvertently freed from the body of the extraterrestrial robot Duo, whom they were imprisoned in. Eventually, thanks to Mega Man, Proto Man, Duo, and the help from Dr. Wily, Dr. Light, Dr. Cossack and their robots, the Stardroids are destroyed one by one. However, Terra is able to activate Sunstar before he perishes. Sunstar and Mega Man battle in space, and although the fight appears to be hopeless, Mega Man doesn't give up as it's worth to protect the people from Earth, and Sunstar is defeated.


  • SRN. 001 Terra (Earth) -- The leader of the Stardroids.
  • SRN. 002 Mercury -- A greedy Stardroid made of lime green liquid metal. He uses his fluid body to his advantage. His weapon, the Grab Buster, allows him to steal energy from an opponent.
  • SRN. 003 Venus -- This squatty Stardroid takes her design from that of a crab. Due to this design, Venus cannot properly walk forward, but she can move side to side and turn. Venus' weapon is the Bubble Bomb, which has her launch a similar projectile to the Danger Wrap. Venus has only one arm, with her right arm ending in a cannon which launches the Bubble Bomb. She likes being clean which leads her to applying shampoo to her bald head.
  • SRN. 004 Mars -- A Stardroid who was designed to look like a tank. He has heavy armour, which hinders his jumping capabilities. His Special Weapon, the Photon Missile, has him fire a missile. Mars is the only Stardroid who does not have hands.
  • SRN. 005 Jupiter -- A Stardroid who resembles a green bird. He can use his jetpack to fly. His Special Weapon is the Electric Shock, which has him fire a thunderbolt towards opponents.
  • SRN. 006 Saturn -- A brown-clad Star Droid. He is somewhat lazy and uses his ring to pull others towards him. He likes hula hoops and is very great with them, but is bad at video games. Saturn uses his own ring as his weapon, allowing him to pull in shots. He can also freeze opponents and fire bullets around.
  • SRN. 007 Uranus -- A red bull-like Stardroid. He is short-tempered, and likes to run fast, but overturns tables when he gets angry. His Special Weapon, the Deep Digger, has him lift boulders from the ground à la the Super Arm and throw them.
  • SRN. 008 Pluto -- A purple Stardroid who has felinoid designs. He uses his Break Dash to rush his foes. Mercury annoys him. Slash Man is based on Pluto.
  • SRN. 009 Neptune -- A blue fish-like Stardroid. He can swim rather well, much like Splash Woman can. His Special Weapon, the Salt Water, has him fire corrosive water.
  • SRN. ??? Sunstar



  • The Stardroids earned their names from various Astronomical Bodies in the Solar System. Terra is the only exception to this rule, deriving his name from the Latin Terra, Terrae(s), which means "ground". Sunstar does not count to the rulebreaking, with his name coming from the Sun.
  • Neptune bears a similar appearance to the Robot Master Ocean Man, who was originally supposed to appear in Mega Man 9 but was scrapped.


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