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Stardust is a bear that appeared in Naughty Bear. He is not a boss bear in the original game, but when the three DLC came out, he is the boss bear of the episode, along with the Vampiricorn


Stardust is quite smart but quite foolish in episode 10. He summons Vampires on the island so they would suck Naughty Bear's fluff, not seeming to know that the Vampires would then kill the other bears after finishing Naughty. Summoning them was the biggest risk taken in the game, even moreso than all the other bears in the game as Stardust endangered the entire island to kill one bear.

Episode 2

Stardust is shown cheering for Mayor Chubby and wears a rosette to show he supports him and his plan to kill Naughty Bear. This results in Stardust becoming a victim of Naughty's wrath.

Episode 7

Stardust is shown dancing with a Unibear when the Alien Bears show up. The Unibear is zapped and Stardust surrenders.

Episode 8

Stardust is part of a party set up by Cop Gordon and Bubble to trap Naughty and have him defeated by the X-Bears. It is implied that Stardust did not know of the plan until Naughty arrived, since Cuddles is shown whispering to him and he seemed surprised.

Episode 10

In Stardust's most prominent and most idiotic appearance in the game, Stardust summons the vampires. Naughty is listening to music when Stardust and Cozy arrive and he flees. Stardust and Cozy turn the music on, attracting a Unibear. The Vampiricorn suddenly arrives and kills the magical creature. As the Vampires feed on it, Stardust, followed by Cozy, confront the Vampiricorn. The Vampiricorn appears to be about to eat them but Stardust shows him a picture of Naughty and tells him to kill Naughty instead, not noticing Naughty listening. Infuriated, Naughty sets out to punish Stardust.

Stardust arms himself with an oozy to protect himself and is protected by Vampires and Ghouls, which are Zombears with guns. Naughty follows Stardust to the Factory and kills him and the Vampiricorn. However, the Vampiricorn and Stardust as a Ghoul, now known as Ghoul Stardust. He is stilled armed with an oozy. A battle breaks out and Ghoul Stardust is killed, along with the Vampires and Ghouls.