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Come, be part of us. Soon it will be our world.
~ Starro (controlling Superman) to Batman in Batman Beyond.
Many primitive cultures across the universe have referred to it as "God." But in the annals of the Green Lantern Corps, it is known as-- "Starro".
~ Salakk on Starro.

Starro is a gigantic starfish-like alien from the DC universe that invades worlds via sending innumerable smaller clones of itself out to infest a target. These clones proceed to attach themselves to a victim's face and possess them, making them mindless slaves to Starro's will.

He is an ancient creature that has lived for centuries on its home planet, a world of water, where it had spent most of its life and was apparently the last surviving member of its species. One day, Starro became an object of Preserver's collection of unique specimens.


New Earth

Starro the Conqueror was once a little boy named Cobi who lived peacefully "unremarkable" planet Hatorei. The Hatorei people lived simple lives and they had few semblances of a developed world but in one respect they were unsurpassed. Once a day the planets inhabitants would congregate in a species-wide telepathic link and open up to each other which made their society the pinnacle of ethics and cultural stability. However, on a particularly harrowing day, a Motherstar descended on their planet enslaving their civilization including Cobi and Andrez. At that point in time the Star Conquerors were only nomadic predators who wandered conquering planets until the Motherstar landed and birthed a new queen. So the Hatorei slaves served the queen and built a nest for a new queen to be born. On the planet Hatorei, things were different; the link between the people was still existent and it was impossible for the Star Conquerors to completely control the people.

Starro's central intelligence hiding underground in the sewer. Martian Manhunter tries to fight the central intelligence Starro but Starro is able to attach itself to J'onn, taking control of his body. Now in control of one of the most powerful beings Starro plans on using the teleport tubes in the JLE Embassy to take over Earth. When he demands the JLA use the teleport tubes so he may take them over, to his surprise they send Ice who freezes him.

Prime Earth

Starro active on Thanagar Prime during the invasion of the Dark Multiverse, where heroes Mister Terrific and Green Lantern came looking for more Nth Metal to defeat the Dark Knights. Starro worked with Onimar Synn and helped imprison the Justice Leaguers on Thanager, until they escaped with help by Martian Manhunter defeat Starro and Onimar.

Starro placed on Team Mystery alongside Martian Manhunter, Superman, Starfire, and Sinestro. Battling the Omega Titans Starro fight while the heroes save the other while when Starro have a victor and make him a hero but doesn't last long when Oemga titans rip him and his sacrifice has save the heroes.

Powers and Abilities

Starro's main power is mind control. He's been able to conquer nine galaxies using it, and he's one of the most powerful mind controllers in the universe. Starro when not mind-controlling someone has a few powers of his own. For one he can fly and is extremely powerful in his own right, being able to decapitate Despero in one swing with his ax. He can generate parasitic clones and is invulnerable to most forms of attack, including gunfire and can turn the starfish of earth into loyal agents. A few unique abilities belonging to the Star Conquerors massive drones and their smaller offspring areas thus, they can absorb powerful blasts of energy and fire them back through its tentacles. The giant Starro's are capable mentalists who can lull the androgynous species of designated worlds into a deep slumber from which he can influence their minds from the dreaming plane.

In other media


Main article: Starro (DC Extended Universe)

Starro is set to make his first live action debut in the 2021 superhero film The Suicide Squad. It's currently unknown who is voicing him in the film.


Starro in Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

  • Starro appeared in an episode of The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure.
  • Starro makes a cameo appearance in Superman: The Animated Series.
  • Starro has made appearances in the Young Justice animated series.
  • Starro also has made appearances in Batman: The Brave and the Bold.
  • Starro appeared in a special episode of Robot Chicken about DC heroes, where he fights against the Justice League and Legion of Doom.
  • Starro makes a cameo in #Photoopps & in #Frenemies while the girls try to tangle him, only for Harleen (Barbara's friend) to Babs.
  • Starro appeared in DC Super Hero Girls.

Video Games

  • Starro makes a small appearance in Injustice: Gods Among us, where he can seen and interacted with in a spherical cell on the Fortress of Solitude.
  • Starro makes a minor easter egg appearance in Batman: Arkham Knight, where he is featured in the DLC, A Matter of Family.


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