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My time will come, Megatron!
~ Starscream to Megatron

Starscream is the secondary antagonist of the Transformers franchise, serving as the secondary antagonist of the original 1984 cartoon. He is a Decepticon from many different continuities of the Transformers universe. An ambitious and treacherous sort of fellow, he most often gets his chance to lead after backstabbing or betraying Megatron in some form. 

He was voiced by the late Christopher Collins, who also played Mr. Burns in the earlier seasons of The Simpsons.

Generation One

I will rule the universe! Even if I'm the only one left in the universe!
~ Starscream in Generation 1

Starscream is one of Megatron's most trusted lieutenants, in spite of the fact that he is always trying to usurp Megatron's leadership. Starscream's disloyalty grew more and more obvious to Megatron as the series progressed. Starscream was formerly a scientist and explorer, working with the future Autobot Skyfire, during the Golden Age of Cybertron, shortly before the Autobot/Decepticon war re-erupted. Following the disappearance of Skyfire when the two were exploring a prehistoric Earth, Starscream returned to Cybertron and soon abandoned his scientific pursuits, becoming a warrior in Megatron's Decepticon army as the civil war exploded, considering it "far more exciting". Starscream attended the Cybertron War Academy, mentioned in the episode "A Prime Problem".

Acting as second-in-command of the elite troops Megatron took with him aboard the Nemesis, Starscream was among the Transformers trapped in stasis on Earth for four million years after the Decepticons attacked the Autobot craft, Ark, causing it to crash on the planet. When the ship's computer, Teletraan I, was reactivated by a volcanic explosion in 1984, the Decepticons were the first to be reactivated and were restored with new Earthly alternate modes. Before departing, Starscream shot at the Ark as a petty parting gesture, causing a small tremor that knocked Optimus Prime into the path of the reconstruction beam, allowing the Autobots to be restored, and the war to continue on Earth.

As the war continued, Starscream's old friend Skyfire was discovered frozen in the Arctic Circle, and Megatron noted how concerned Starscream was to see Skyfire rescued. Starscream even took control of the revival process and successfully re-awakened his old friend. It was this friendship that initially led Skyfire to join the Decepticons, but when the latter refused to hurt humans, both Megatron and Starscream voiced their disgust. Not long after, several Autobots came to investigate the Decepticon activity and were subsequently captured; Starscream prepared to execute them and Starscream offered to forgive Skyfire if the latter would accept the first shot. Skyfire, disillusioned by his old friend's new warlike ways, joined the Autobots instead, and Starscream no longer gave him a second thought.

During the cataclysmic events that ensued when Megatron transported Cybertron into Earth's orbit, Starscream attempted to use the Decepticons' human ally, Doctor Arkeville, for his own purposes. Starscream forced him to take him to his secret lab, where he destabilized Arkeville's exponential generator, which, when it reached critical mass, would destroy the Earth. Starscream then fled with Arkeville to Cybertron, where Starscream intended to collect the energy released in Earth's destruction. When Optimus Prime and Megatron were forced to work together to stop Starscream's plan, Starscream returned to Earth to investigate why the generator had not exploded. Meanwhile, to remove the threat of the generator, Prime loaded it into Megatron's gun barrel and fired it into space—blasting Starscream out of the air in the process, causing him to fall to Earth and into a vengeful Megatron's clutches.

Starscream was a prominent figure in most of Megatron's schemes over the next year, but also made several further plays for power—teaming up with the Triple Changers Blitzwing and Astrotrain to betray Megatron, only to be double-crossed himself; duping the paranoiac Autobot, Red Alert into allowing him to acquire the Autobots' Negavator weapon; incapacitating Megatron's Nightbird robot to maintain his own position of power; getting drunk on energon, and more. Ironically, given his invariably treacherous nature, he was the first to sniff out Nergill's treachery when the Decepticons united with the underwater residents of Sub-Atlantica to take over the world, even going as far as saving Megatron from being shot by Nergill. Generally, almost every time that (the virtually indestructible) Megatron sustained even the slightest damage in a battle, Starscream would claim that Megatron had "fallen", and frantically urge the Decepticons to immediately follow himself as their new leader.

In 1985, Starscream was responsible for the creation of the Combaticons by liberating their imprisoned personality components from a detention center on Cybertron and installing them into five World War II vehicles left over from the Battle of Guadalcanal. He changed them into more modern vehicular forms (for example, he made Vortex the helicopter out of a crashed World War II fixed-wing aircraft). He intended them to be his own private army after he was exiled from the Decepticons for attempting to betray Megatron one too many times. Although the Combaticons had defeated Devastator and had Megatron relinquish control of the Decepticons to Starscream using their combined form, Bruticus, they were defeated by an intervening Menasor. Megatron subsequently had Astrotrain relocate Starscream and his giant ally Bruticus, to an asteroid in deep space. Finding himself once again in exile, Starscream vowed revenge.

Despite the promises of revenge on Megatron from his creations, Starscream abandoned the Combaticons, blaming them for his failure to take over the Decepticons (where in reality they had helped him succeed). In a mix of cabin fever and boredom, he took his chances venturing into outer space. Ironically, the Combaticons ended up taking control of Cybertron by exiling Shockwave into deep space [where he ran into Starscream] and altered the space bridge to push the Earth into then sun, achieving revenge on Megatron, the Autobots, the Decepticons, and the Earth. Starscream arrived on Cybertron and tried to reclaim his leadership over his creations, but was imprisoned by the Combaticons along with Shockwave. The Combaticon take over forced another uneasy alliance between the Autobots and Decepticons, who fought Bruticus and ultimately defeated him, thanks to a weak spot revealed by Starscream in exchange for Megatron not killing him on the spot.

The Transformers: The Movie

(Galvatron: Coronation, Starscream? This is bad comedy!) Megatron, is that you? (Galvatron: Here's a hint.)
~ Starscream's last words in The Transformers: The Movie before getting obliterated by Galvatron.

In the year 2005, (the storyline year for the events of the 1986 release, The Transformers: The Movie), Starscream, along with many other Decepticons, hijacked an Autobot shuttle bound for Autobot City; Megatron's plan being to slip past the city's early warning systems and decimate the Autobots there. At one point during the conflict, Starscream was forced to blast off his own foot in order to escape after being trapped in a transforming section of Autobot City. The Decepticons were eventually forced to retreat after reinforcements led by Optimus Prime arrived. However, Starscream finally got his long-awaited chance to dispose of Megatron—who was severely damaged following his final battle with Optimus Prime—by jettisoning him from Astrotrain, into the endless void of deep-space. After this, Starscream won the surviving Decepticons' battle to decide a new leader. Starscream's long-dreamt-of reign did not last long, however—as he was crowning himself leader/king of the Decepticons, Galvatron arrived, deriding Starscream's coronation as "bad comedy". Just as Starscream realized that Galvatron was actually Megatron in a new, more powerful body (provided by Unicron), Galvatron obliterated him, literally turning Starscream's body to ashes with a single blast while in his cannon mode.

Return as a Ghost


G1 Starscream's New Body

Starscream, with a reluctant Scourge in tow, makes a deal with Unicron for a new body.

Well, now, who do you think I mean? (Galvatron: Starscream!!(Starscream laugh.) I shall enjoy destroying you even more this time than the last!) Destroying me was a great disservice to all Decepticons!
~ Starscream revealing himself to his former master and killer, Galvatron.

Starscream's spark (the core of each Cybertronian that contains their soul/consciousness—referred to as a "laser core" in the original animated series) survived, however, apparently confined to the Decepticon crypt on Cybertron, and he continued to exist in a ghost-like form. When the Decepticon turncoat, Octane, sought refuge from his pursuers in the crypt, Starscream's ghost seized control of Cyclonus' body, and worked with Octane to turn Galvatron over to the Autobots and take leadership of the Decepticons for themselves.

Galvatron defeated his captors, escaped, and returned to blast Starscream (literally) out of Cyclonus—only for the ghostly Decepticon to quietly take up residence in a Sweep. A short time later, he possessed Scourge and entered into a bargain with Unicron, performing three labors for the planet-eater in exchange for getting his body back. Acquiring the eyes of Metroplex and the Transforming Cog of Trypticon, Starscream's body was restored so that he could comprise the final connection between Unicron's head and Cybertron, allowing the planet to become the chaos-bringer's new body. However, now that he had what he wanted, Starscream reneged on the agreement. At that point, an explosion instigated by the Autobots hurled Starscream and Unicron's head off into space. Starscream was last seen tumbling out of control through space.

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Marvel's the Transformers


Millions of years ago, Starscream acted as the figurehead leader for the controlling dictators of the city-state of Vos. Following a botched attempt at igniting war between Iacon and Tarn, Vos went to war with Tarn, and both cities were destroyed by an exchange of photon missiles. The survivors of both cities were gathered together by the ex-gladiator Megatron, who used their bitterness towards Iacon to unite them under his control as the Decepticons.

Early battles on Earth=

Starscream was part of Megatron's assault on the Autobot's Ark, which ended catastrophically when the ship crashed on Earth, knocking all aboard offline. In 1984, a volcanic eruption reactivated the ship's computer, and it reactivated and rebuilt Starscream and the others aboard with Earth alternate modes. The Decepticons quickly began hostilities, and during a battle at a drive-thru movie theatre, Starscream fled after Cliffjumper's glass gas shattered his chassis.

As the Decepticons sought a new source of fuel in Power Play, Starscream attempted to undermine Megatron's decision to attack the Harrison Nuclear Power Plant by proposing that Buzzsaw scout it first. Megatron instead sent Ravage to do the job, and his effective strategies reminded Starscream never to underestimate his commander. After the plant was seizing and its machinery usde to construct a base of operations for the Decepticons, Starscream abducted Sparkplug Witwicky, the Autobots' new human ally, in order to use him to convert earth fuels into Cybertronian fuel.

While Sparkplug was put to work, in Man of Iron, Starscream, Thundercracker and Skywarp were sent to England to investigate a Cybertronian signal that was discovered to be emanating from an spaceship that had crashed there centuries before. Starscream aided in killing the ship's occupant, the Man of Iron. After returning to America, as revealed in Decepticon Dam-Busters, Starscream took part in a Decepticon attack on Sherman Dam and helped hold off the Autobots while Soundwave extracted their energon fuel cubes. In Prisoner of War, Starscream and the other jets battled the human military forces who attempted to attack the Decepticons' base. Under cover of the attack, however, the Autobots were able to rescue Sparkplug.

Starscream advocated pursuing them in The Enemy Within, but the cautious Megatron refused, and Starscream, frustrated, began plotting against him. Intending to rally the Decepticons behind him by attacking humans in order to orchestrate a confrontation between the two sides, Starscream was caught by Ravage, and was forced to try and kill him in order to keep his plans secret. Both his attack and his attempt to murder Ravage failed, and when caught, Starscream demanded Trial by Combat. He duelled Brawn and won, but was shot down by a vengeful Ravage, who blamed the Autobots. As seen in Raiders of the Last Ark, Starscream was repaired and joined the Decepticons in attacking the Ark, though both sides were incapacitated when Optimus Prime activated the Ark's computer, Auntie. Afterwards, the Decepticons fled, vowing to return.

Powered up with Sparkplug's fuel in The Last Stand, and readying for a renewed attack on the Ark, Starscream berated Megatron for allowing Sparkplug to have been rescued, since the human would have shared his fuel with the Autobots. Megatron blasted him for his dissention, and Starscream thus agreed to the attack. During the battle, it seemed the Decepticons would win, but Starscream and the others doubled over in pain, due to Sparkplug's fuel being poisoned. To be added

Generation 2

Regeneration One

Beast Wars

Starscream was deceitful and scheming. The most notorious traitor of all!
~ Maximal Dinobot describing Starscream to Optimus Primal.

Starscream does not physically appear in Beast Wars, except for his body left in statis lock aboard the Ark spaceship, however Starscream's spark managed to possess Waspinator, and temporary took over the Predacons. Ironically he is betrayed by Blackarachnia, and forced out of Waspinator, sending him flying back into space.

There is also a Predacon who is very similar to him called Terrorsaur, who too had the transformation of flight and the same attitude and dangerous ambitions to take over the leadership of his robot race.


Starscream appears in every comic continuity and was the main villain of idw comics story arc combiner wars.

In Transformers: Deviations in the alternate timeline where Optimus Prime kills off Megatron Starscream became leader of the Decepticons and fled Earth. During his coronation Unicron appeared and Starscream flies off to meet him throwing off his coronation cape and crown. He was forced to agree to destroy the Autobot Matrix of leadership and was upgraded and reformatted into Megascream by Unicrons power. Now calling himself Megascream the Decepticon leader attacked Optimus Primes convoy of ships managing to cripple one of them before returning to Cybertron. Megascream told Unicron that the moons were under his domain but Unicron then transforms into Robot mode and attacks Cybertron. Optimus Prime meet Megascream and Megascream combines with Soundwave, Astrotrain, Dirge and Thrust to become a gigantic combiner warrior. Megascream easily defeats Prime but before destroying Prime Hot Rod appears and saved his life. Hot Rod then proceeds to use the Matrix to destroy Unicron, Megascream and himself to save the Autobots and Cybertron.


Generation One

How do you feel, mighty Megatron?
~ Starscream taunting an injured Megatron.
Oh, how it pains me to do this. (Megatron: Wait! I still function!) Wanna bet?
~ Starscream abandons injured Megatron in space.
It's your old buddy, Starscream! AHAHAHAHAHA! Just a shadow of my former self. Don't you think? (Octane: STAAARRRRRSCCCRRREEEEAAAAAMMMM!) Why, Octane, old friend. I'm touched that you remember me! (Chuckles) Let me help you straighten yourself up!
~ Starscream returning as ghost.
Don't fear me, Octane. We have more in common than you might think. Help me get revenge against Galvatron, who put me in this somewhat insubstantial condition, and I will get you out of your mess.
~ Starscream offers Octane to ally with him to take revenge on Galvatron.
(Rodimus Prime: Now, let Octane go.) Octane is free to go. (Rodimus Prime: Starscream?)That's right. And if you want a bonus beyond your wildest dreams you will release us now!
~ Starscream to Rodimus Prime.
~ Starscream revived from the dead by Unicron
~ Starscream double crossing Unicron

Beast Wars

I'll bet Waspinator seldom does! But try not to let it depress you, bug-face.
~ Starscream before taking control of Waspinator's body.
(Blackarachnia: I scanned your file. You weren't blasted to scrap by Unicron. You were blasted by Galvatron, after you betrayed him!) Galvatron was a fool! I deserved to lead! So you know my little secret. Then the question remains: Why did you not expose me to Megatron? (Blackarachnia: Well I thought you might make me a better offer.)
~ Starscream to Blackarachnia, when she finds out who Starscream really is.
I'll be back! Even if it takes a thousand years, I'LL BE REVENGED ON YOU ALL!
~ Starscream, the last time he would be heard.


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