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All hail Starscream!
~ Starscream taking leadership of the Decepticons.
No one could have survived this. As I suspected. Faulty sensors. The last thing I need now are rumors that Megatron is still... [Find an injured Megatron] Megatron. But how? Ah, dark Energon. Everyone believes you are deceased. Who am I to disappoint them,Master? [Tear off the dark Energon from Megatron's spark] And this time, stay dead!
~ Starscream betraying Megatron.
Yet possessing even a single one grants me tremendous negotiating power with either Autobots or Decepticons. Still, imagine if I manage to acquire the other three. I could revive Cybertron and seize the throne as Starscream I...supreme overlord and emperor of destruction! HAHAHA... But unlike Megatron, I lack the necessary infrastructure to enforce such a reign. No warship, no army... only my meager laboratory finds, a ground-bridge remote control, a single remaining dose of Red Energon, and you, [Look at his late clone] old friend. But I would all too gladly trade this simply to be restored to my former glory.
~ Starscream decides to return to the Decepticons.

Starscream is the secondary antagonist of the Transformers "Aligned" universe. He is the treacherous (former) second-in-command of the Decepticons who initially seeks to usurp control of the Decepticons from Megatron, but eventually learns his place and becomes content with being second in the Decepticon hierarchy until vowing revenge on a redeemed Megatron in Robots in Disguise.

He was voiced by Steve Blum in Transformers Prime who also played Vilgax and Zs'Skayr from the Ben 10 series, Inferno from Scooby-Doo and WWE: Curse of the Speed Demon, Smytus from My Life as a Teenage Robot, Ares in God of War, Wade Wilson in the X-Men Origins: Wolverine video game, Killer Croc in Batman Arkham series, Green Goblin in The Spectacular Spider-Man, Hobgoblin in Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions and Makucha in The Lion Guard. In the Cybertron games, he was voiced by Sam Reigel.


Starscream appears as the secondary antagonist of both the Transformers: War for Cybertron games and the 2010 animated series Transformers: Prime, serving as the main antagonist of the Darkness Rising arc of Season 1 until Megatron returns and re-assumes leadership of the Decepticons. In Season 2, he goes rogue and competes against both the Autobots and Decepticons in the hunt for Iacon Relics before rejoining the Decepticons towards the end of the season and becoming the secondary antagonist at the end of Season 2 and for the entirety of Season 3, as well as the series finale, Predacons Rising. He later reappears as a major antagonist of Transformers Robots in Disguise, the sequel to the Transformers Prime series, serving as the main antagonist of its third season.


You never learn, Starscream. Your arrogance will trump your wits every time.
~ Megatron declaring Starscream's greatest weakness will always be his boundless arrogance.

Starscream was ruthless, cruel, conniving, selfish, cunning, and above all arrogant. As mentioned before he is traitorous on occasion. When he does something, it is usually for his own personal benefit. His greatest weapon is his cunning and resourceful nature. Despite his cunning nature, Starscream is shown to have some sense of honor as he will repay his debts to those who helped him; this was shown when Arcee saved Starscream from being killed by Megatron, and Starscream returned the favour by saving Arcee from being killed by Airachnid. Like most of his incarnations, Starscream is a coward who often relies on dirty tactics to win and acts arrogantly when he's winning. When he initally became leader, he used much of the Con's finite resources to stroke his own ego. But when the tables are turned, he either flees in terror or begs for mercy.

Starscream is also a despicable sadist who shows no concern in mistreating or respect for others, like Predaking, Skylynx, Darksteel, a pair of troopers guarding Shockwave's lab, Shockwave himself, and the Autobots. He appeared remorseless for desecrating Skyquake's burial place by reviving the deceased Decepticon as a dark energon terrorcon that was trapped in the Shadowzone and when Megatron killed Dreadwing, who wanted to seek vengeance on Starscream for desecrating his brother Skyquake by raising him from the dead. He even gleefully taunted and crippled Arcee by telling her about how he killed Cliffjumper in a gruesome way, resulting in her nearly killing him had Bumblebee not interfered.

According to Megatron, Starscream is ignorant matched by his incompetence.

Compared with Megatron himself, even though that he was less competent than the latter, Starscream is also more merciful. He managed to find other ways of punishing his warriors like scratching Knock-Out's finish when he disobeyed orders.

After being abandoned by Megatron, Starscream has become power-hungry when he attempted to use the 7 weaponized mini-cons to power himself up against his former master for the pain he suffered as well using Megatron's Dark Star Saber to conquer galaxies.

Much as Megatron, Starscream despised Earth and humans. When Arcee is located along with Jack, he commanded the Vehicons to destroy them both. When returned to Earth after he was abandoned by Megatron, Starscream retained his disgust of Earth.


  • Cliffjumper
  • 1 Starscream clone
  • Darksteel
  • Skylynx


  • 4 Starscream clones
  • Leland Bishop / Silas / Cylas
  • Airachnid (Presumed)
  • Numerous counts of unnamed Autobots
  • Numerous counts of unnamed Vehicons
  • Numerous counts of unnamed Insecticons
  • Numerous counts of unnamed Predacons


War for Cybertron

Starscream: I am Starcream and I have protected my station for over thousand years!
Megatron: I am Megatron leader of the Decepticons. This space station is Decepticon property. Surrender immediately!
Starscream: Whoever you are, you've travelled a long way just meet your doom!
~ Starscream meets Megatron for the first time.
Starscream: Teach me, Megatron. Teach me wield Dark Energon, the way you do! And I will serve you.
Megatron: And what could you possibly offer me, that I cannot simply take?
Starscream: The supply of Dark Energon aboard this station is nearly exhausted. I know how to manufacture more. The was once and Energon Bridge that fed this station directly. I know how to reconnect it.
Jetfire: Traitor! Zeta Prime will hear about this! [Jetfire flies away]
Starscream: Shall I send Thundercracker and Skywarp to retrieve him...Lord Megatron?
Megatron: No. I want the Autobots' leader to know his doom approaches. Once we have this station online, nothing can stop me! Now go. Find this Energon bridge. And reactivate it...for your new master.
~ Starscream joins Megatron and the Decepticons.
Starscream: Unbelievable. These Autobots are as dumb as Skywarp
Skywarp: Dumber than skywarp...Ill show you dumb Starscream.
Starscream: You always do.
~ Starscream insulting Skywarp.
Skywarp: What happened now?
Starscream: The Autobots have booby trapped this room. Fools!
Skywarp: Wait are you calling us fools or the autobots fools? Because I am getting the feeling that you don't respect me!
Starscream: Silence! ...Fool.
Skywarp: That's exactly what I'm talking about!
~ Starscream insulting Skywarp and Thundercracker again.
That shot was perfect, much like the one who fired it!
~ Starscream getting a headshot.

Transformers: Prime

Allow me to be crystal clear: I studied for millennia under our former master, thus I am equipped to lead you. I, Megatron's true heir - Lord Starscream, EMPEROR OF DESTRUCTION!

~ Starscream to his troops.
Starscream: Knock Out! Was I not clear?! You have defied my orders yet again!
Knock Out: My mistake, Commander Starscream. But, I've learned my lesson, and paid the price...
Starscream: It. Is. LOOOORD! And you have paid, when I say you have paid. Do not worry, your punishment shall be merely... cosmetic.
Knock Out: No... Not the finish! Anything but the finish! NOOOOOOOOOO!
~ Starscream punishes Knock Out's insubordination.
Megatron's greatest mistake was ever allowing you to live, Prime!
~ Starscream attempts to kill a vulnerable Optimus Prime.
Starscream: Lord Megatron...You Are...You're healed! Praise the Allspark. It is a miracle!
Megatron: Oh, it will be a miracle all right, Starscream, if you survive what I have planned for you! [Try to run away but Megatron catches him and throws him on the other side of the Nemesis]
Starscream: But the autobots? Optimus? Right there, waiting for you.
Megatron: My greatest mistake? I've made a few. But there is one I do not intend to make again! [Megatron drags him by the head]
Starscream: No, master! NOOOOOO!!!
~ Starscream about to pay for his betrayal.
I have been a fool. Made mistakes monumental ones, but I have gained a clear understanding of place in this universe, of who I am. Starscream, aligned with no side, servant to no one!
~ Starscream chose to go it alone.
Starscream: Be reasonable, Prime! This cold will freeze both our actuators.
Optimus: The current temperatures are not extreme enough to affect our biology. You'll be fine.
Starscream: Fine but miserable. And I cannot believe that you take our alliances for granted. After all I have done for the Autobots helping to restore your memory, saving Arcee's life.
Optimus: While you have at times proved beneficial to us, it has been only to further your own interests.
Starscream: Well, we can't all be as selfless as you.
~ Starscream as an Optimus Prime captive in the Antarctic.
Megatron: A word of advice? Stop thinking aloud.
Starscream: I don't want to play this game anymore. Take the keys. We'll pretend I was never here.
Megatron: No, Starscream.There are only two possible outcomes based upon what I find here in your twisted, little mind. If I do not deem that you are worthy of rejoining the Decepticons, you will perish on this very day.
~ Starscream's ultimatum when he tries to get back to the Decepticons side.
Megatron: No one asked you to leave the Decepticon fold.
Starscream: But I wasn't exactly made to feel welcome at the time.
~ Megatron speaking about the desertion from Starscream.
Starscream: Well, Skyquake is neither living nor dead and no doubt continues to wander through some dimensional neverealm in search of his missing limb.
Megatron: It would be wise to keep that to yourself around the warship.
Starscream: B-But, does this mean.
Megatron: Yes. I will allow you to return to our ranks if only because you are more valuable beside me than against me.
Starscream: Oh! Thank the Allspark!
Megatron: Infighting has nearly destroyed the Decepticons during your absence. We must operate as a united front if we are to revive and conquer Cybertron.
~ Starscream is once again earning his place among the Decepticons.
Starscream: Why do I feel a Shockwave plan coming on? [Shockwave grabs him by the arms]
Shockwave: Do not think for a moment, Starscream, that it has gone unnoticed that you left me at the mercy of the Autobots.
Starscream: Master? Are you going to allow one Lieutenant to harm another? Master?
Megatron: I'm thinking. [Shockwave push him next to a metal stake, grips his head and begins to advance towards the stake]
Shockwave: I am tempted to force you to share my perception of things.
Starscream: No! I only did what I thought was best for the mission, but I do feel compelled to add that it was my very error in judgment that made this happy accident possible! If I recollect, you were seeking to purge your laboratory of sensitive materials before the Autobots arrived, were you not?
Shockwave: Your argument is logical.)
~ Starscream almost blown away by Shockwave.
Lord Megatron! No! [...] I will avenge you, master! (Shockwave: Starscream! Do not be a fool!) Curse you and your logic!
~ Starscream devastated by the death of Megatron, before escaping the Nemesis with Shockwave.
Starscream: Praise the Allspark! Master! You're alive!
Megatron: Indeed.
Starscream: Your new battle armor will take things to the next level, my liege. Together we will reunite all Decepticons and once again grind Cybertron under your mighty heel!
Megatron: No!
Starscream: What? Why?
Megatron: Because I now know the true meaning of oppression... and have thus lost my taste for inflicting it.
Starscream: Uh, you've clearly been traumatized, master. A good power-down and a stroll around the smelting pit will put you back in touch with your inner warlord.
Megatron: Enough! The Decepticons are no more, and that is final.
~ Starscream delighted to see his resurrected master but is then confused when Megatron reformed and declared that the Decepticons no longer existed, also their last conversation before Megatron went into exile.
This is not quite how I envisioned my rise to the throne, but since lord Megatron all but surrendered it to me, I will gladly revive the Decepticons in my name. [Predacons arrives] Though perhaps a throne is more befitting of an actual King. (Predaking: I am not here to seize thrones, Starscream...but to settle scores.)
~ Starscream wanting to take the place of leader of the Decepticons before the Predacons arrives to take revenge for his abuses towards them.

Transformers Robots In Disguise

The Dark Star Saber... It was forged by Megatron. How appropriate. With the Mini-Cons I can take the revenge I seek on my old master, but with this as well, I can conquer galaxies.
~ Starscream claims the Dark Star Saber.
Starscream: Hello, Bumblebee. Nice to see me, isn't it?
Bumblebee: Starscream? But we thought you were...
Starscream: Yes, I'm sure you did. Your Mini-Cons are with me, and they're functional. For now.
Bumblebee: What do you want?
Starscream: You. Lay down your weapon and surrender to me. Or your Mini-Cons will pay the price.
Bumblebee: I can't let he Mini-Cons suffer.
Starscream: Oh, so noble. They'll sing songs about you when you're gone, Bumblebee. Come, now.
~ Starscream meets Bumblebee for many years since their last meeting and forces him to surrender if he does not want his Mini-Cons friends to suffer the consequences.
Starscream:Comfortable? I want to be sure you have a good seat from which to observe my ultimate triumph.
Bumblebee: Oh, is going back to your old body style supposed to make the difference this time? [Insecticon kick Bumblebee].
Starscream: Heh, heh. Oh, no. After I disposed of the Predacons back at Darkmount, I simply thought it best to adopt a look as powerful as I was feeling.
Bumblebee: How did you get rid of the Predacons? And what's so important about the scavengers' Mini-Cons?
Starscream: Glad you asked. I've been waiting to recount this thrilling tale. Allow me to set the scene. [First Flashback] I had been cruelly abandoned by my ungrateful master, Megatron. And at his fortress, Darkmount, I was confronted by revenge-crazed Predacons. Bravely, I faced them! I lured them deeper into the Fortress. In an inner chamber, I found just what I'd been hoping for. Weapons hoarded by Megatron, capable of destroying even Predacons! [Back to Present] With the Predacons vanquished, I wondered what else I might find in Darkmount. Perhaps something with which to exact revenge upon my former master for his many crimes against me. [Second Flashback] In a lab, I found seven peculiar Mini-Cons, unlike any I'd ever seen, in experimentation tubes. Megatron's records said that the Mini-Cons had been captured in their youth, and genetically modified. These Mini-Cons could connect to Autobots and Decepticons, and provide a power surge to their new hosts. Further, they could take command of their hosts' motor functions. But Megatron had a theory, which he apparently never tested, that if all seven Mini-Cons were to powerlink with a single host, that host would surge in power to a level beyond that of a Prime! [Back to Present] With such power, I could destroy Megatron for all he did to me, and then succeed where he didn't, and claim the galaxy as my own! I freed the Mini-Cons, but they escaped. Clever little toasters.
Bumblebee: So you hired bounty hunters and tracked the Mini-Cons to Earth.
Starscream: Ugh, how I hate this place. But on arriving here, I did find the Dark Star Saber. Though it fights me. Apparently, it thinks I'm not totally worthy of it!
Bumblebee: Shocking.
Starscream: But with you off the board, and your teammates helpless without your leadership, I can resume my search for the Mini-Cons.
~ Starscream tells to Bumblebee how he survived the Predacons (exaggeratedly) and what he plans to do with the fugitive Mini-Cons.


  • It is the second incarnation of Starscream who leaves the Decepticons and then comes back to them. Armada Starscream being the first.
  • Ironically, in "Transformers Prime", Starscream will cause the defeat of the Decepticons : In the eight episode of Season 3 "Thirst", jealous from Shockwave and his Predacon, Starscream tries with Knock Out to create a project super soldier as using Silas. But the melange of Synthetic Energon and Dark Energon will have great consequences : Silas will become a Vampire Terrorcon and will contaminate the half of the Vehicons. The liberation of Airachnid who will kill Silas but resulting the loss of the Insecticon Hive. The Decepticon's army will be weakening. Later, seeing the Predacon (Predaking) is more than a simple beast, Megatron will order that the Project Predacon will be terminated, causing Predaking's rampage after he learned the truth by Ratchet, resulting the loss of many Vehicons and finally the death of Megatron by Bumblebee with The Star Saber.
  • It is the first incarnation of Starscream not to have died in a Transformers Series.
    • The original incarnation was killed by Galvatron before returning like a ghost and then being resurrected by Unicron.
    • The Starscream of the Unicron Trilogy perished while trying valiantly but in vain to shoot down Unicron.
    • The Starscream of Animated had his Spark extinguished by Megatron for betraying him but a fragment of the Allspark kept him alive until Jazz and Prowl were removed from him, definitively ending his life.
    • The Starscream of Combiners Wars was killed by Megatron but came back to life without explanation.
    • The movie incarnation was beheaded by a bomb stuck in the eye by Sam Witwicky.
    • The Cyberverse incarnation was killed by Megatron until he was revived by the AllSpark. He was later killed again by both Megatron and Optimus Prime.

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