The Stealth Ship Crew are supporting antagonists of the 1997 James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies. They are crewmembers of an unnamed stealth ship owned by Elliot Carver of the Carver Media Group Network.


Being employees of the CMGN, the Crew were led by their captain Scott to further Carver's goals of creating a war between England and China for ratings. To that end, they were given a stealth ship (thanks to smuggled stealth material given by General Chang), where one of the crewmembers (Timblin) sets a British frigate (the HMS Devonshire) to sink in the South China Sea while Stamper and Scott frame the Chinese Air Force by gunning down the survivors and blowing up one of the Chinese MiGs. Henry Gupta would later erase the ship's GPS location from the system, which puts the brink of war into hands.

With the ship sunken, Scott sends several of his crewmembers to dive and steal a cruise missile from the sunken ship. Following the arrival of a British fleet and the Chinese Air Force, it turns out that Carver is planning to have the Crew fire the stolen missile into Beijing that will further provoke the two countries into war, thus allowing Chang to take over the Chinese government and grant Carver the broadcasting rights that the current government officials previously refused.

However, James Bond and Wai Lin caught wind of the plot after escaping from being killed by Carver and Chang's thugs, and they managed to pinpoint the stealth ship's current location in Ha Long Bay. As such, the agents engaged into a gunfight against the Crew, killing a number of them after Bond breaches the hull with a bomb, thus exposing the stealth ship's presence to the British and Chinese forces. With that in the mind, one of the British ships fired at the stealth ship, causing massive damage and killing several more crewmembers.

Realizing that they have been exposed, Scott orders the surviving crewmembers to abandon ship, to which they do so immediately. Carver and Scott are later killed by Bond, who would later set the missile to self-destruct before escaping with Lin, killing a pinned Stamper and destroying the stealth ship in the process.

It is unknown what happened to the surviving members of the Crew, either they perished in the stealth ship's destruction or they were caught and arrested by the British fleet.



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