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Oh, a Temari! A temari! I'm not a cat! I'm not a cat!
~ Steel Tiger Mask's last words.

The Steel Tiger Mask is the main antagonist in episode 80 of the 1977 TV series Himitsu Sentai Gorenger. He is a saber-toothed tiger-themed monster and the twenty-fifth of Black Cross Commander-in-Chief Golden Mask's Masked Monsters.

He is voiced by Toshio Kitayama.


The Steel Tiger Mask made his first appearance with an army of Zolders as they began to raid a mining operation where they confront Tsuyoshi as he introduced himself to him. He also told that he came here to kidnapped Professor Tamura. So with that being said he sent the Zolders to get the professor, but the Gorengers hold them off long enough for Aoranger to bring out Varikikyun to rescue the professor from Black Cross and with that they made their get away, as the Steel Tiger Mask teleports to a jeep as they move on to strategy number 2 codenamed: "Tora Tora Tora!".

Back at the lab the Black Cross invaded the facility as the Zolders taking out the Eagle Soldiers as Peggy tries to protect Yuiichi from Black Cross, but she somehow got herself surrounded as the Steel Tiger Mask demands to hand over the boy, but she refuses to do it. So with that being said she'd pressed the secret button to activate the smokescreen to cover their escape as well blinding the enemies which they found it easily via a fireplace so he sent the three Zolders to chase after them. Back outside the Steel Tiger Mask to sent out the Ninja Corps to the Varitank in its track, but Tsuyoshi knocks the enemy off the tank as they make their getaway which leaves the Steel Tiger Mask in the dust as he swears to not let them get away.

A while later the Steel Tiger Mask has one of the Zolders to use the jamming device to jam the signals from the Varitank to the secret base. He then have Zolders to plant the landmine in the ground because he has figure out the weak point for Varitank which is his underside. Once Zolders has reported of the Varitank's arrival he has him to sacrificed himself and blow up the fuel pipe, but he somehow missed. So for the Zolder's failure he hit him with his staff which he accidentally caused the landmine that the Zolder is holding to blow up.

A while later the Steel Tiger was very happy that the Varitank has stopped in its tracks (when the fuel ran out). So with that he has the Zolders to open fire on duo as they take cover within the Varitank. With them captured he broadcast himself to the heroes as well as the professor back at the base for an exchange and that is the Uranium 303 for the safety of his son, but the professor refused to do it, so he has another approach and that'll be smoking them out with poison.

So after the break Akira, Daita and Kenji give them more fuel for the Varitank as well as some medic for the boy and as for Zolders well they got them distracted as taunt them to fire at the ones who weren't in the tank, but during the chase the fuel line is eventually cut by a missile that was launched by a Battler and the trio end up underground with Steel Tiger Mask giving them a final ultimatum and he did this by communicating with the trapped occupant via a long narrow pipe. So with that they have no other choice, but to surrender that is until the fuel ran out so the trapped occupants ask for some assistants in getting out which the Steel Tiger Mask happily obliges.

However it only revealed to be a bluff by using one of Varitank's arms as a fake lure while they re-emerge on another part of the surface and reunite the boy and his father. After Akarenger slices off Steel Tiger Mask's fangs with his Red Bute and Momorenger blows them up, the Gorenger use the Gorenger Hurricane to become a Temari ball which Steel Tiger Mask plays with until it blows up while trying to deny he's nothing more than a cat.


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