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If dere's one t'ing I 'ate, it's excuses! ...Make dat two t'ings I 'ate. Excuses, and a seven-ten split!
~ Steelbeak (Darkwing Duck)
I'm not stupid. I'll go, not cause you told me, but because there's no trap like a steel-trap. Y'know, cause my beak, it's made of steel!
~ Steelbeak (Ducktales 2017)

Steelbeak is the secondary antagonist of the animated Disney series Darkwing Duck and a major antagonist in the 2017 DuckTales series. He is the all-elegant chief agent of FOWL. FOWL's High Command trust him enough to let him do whatever he wants, letting him use all their resources for his crimes. He serves as one of the main antagonists of the third season of the DuckTales reboot.

He is voiced by Rob Paulsen in Darkwing Duck, and by Jason Mantzoukas in the DuckTales reboot.


Darkwing Duck

The past of Steelbeak is a mystery. Not only is his real name unknown, but also how and why he got his steel beak. But one can guess he has done some dirty work to achieve his high position on FOWL, as well as all of his money.

Steelbeak has his own henchmen known as eggmen. They wear a mostly yellow uniform and a egg-shaped helmet. Steelbeak will send them in numbers to do the job, dealing with it himself only if really necessary. He does not mind doing the dirty work by himself, but since he is the boss, he gives the orders. He commands and takes part in many evil plans created by fowl, most of the time he is stopped by Darkwing and eventually captured by him. 

DuckTales (2017)

In "Moonvasion!", following the defeat of General Lunaris, Steelbeak, along with Gandra Dee, John D. Rockerduck, Jeeves, the Phantom Blot, and Black Heron, is summoned by the Board of Directors (in reality The High Command), who decide that they must destroy Scrooge McDuck and his family before they endanger F.O.W.L.'s operations again.

Steelbeak serves as the main antagonist of "Double-O-Duck in You Only Crash Twice!" He works with his colleague Black Heron in a base in Funso's Fun Zone, which they chose because they do not believe that Scrooge McDuck could ever step foot in there. When Scrooge arrives at Funso's, Steelbeak is ordered to take out Scrooge so as not to arouse suspicion, and so that Black Heron could use a reversed intelligence ray to reduce Scrooge's intelligence. However, Steelbeak instead subdues Dewey and Launchpad. Black Heron manages to reverse the ray, but Steelbeak uses it on her, tired of being treated like an inferior. Meanwhile, Dewey and Launchpad break out with the Rescue Rangers' assistance, but Steelbeak arrives with his minions and fights them. In the skirmish, Steelbeak shoots Launchpad with the ray, not realizing it was set back to increase intelligence, and kidnaps Dewey, planning to unleash the reversed intelligence ray on all of Duckburg. The now intelligent Launchpad pursues Steelbeak to his villain lair at a lighthouse and defeats him with the Rescue Rangers. Eventually, the High Command retrieves Steelbeak and reverts Black Heron's intelligence to normal.


Steelbeak is cool, calm, elegant and collected. He is calculated, suave, and smooth with every move he makes. However, he is not the one to expect the unexpected, and he knows it, which is why he tries to plan ahead as much as possible. When he runs out of options, he runs away until he figures out what to do next, which doesn't take very long. He is also very self-confident, authoritative and sarcastic, hardly losing his temper.

In the 2017 series, Steelbeak is significantly less intelligent, but just as arrogant, as his Darkwing Duck counterpart. He is also quite sensitive about his intellect.


  • Steelbeak is a parody of Jaws from the 007 franchise.


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