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Steelbeak is one of the supporting antagonists of the DuckTales Reboot Series. He is an agent of the international criminal organization, F.O.W.L. He was voiced by Jason Mantzoukas.


He wears a metal beak, light-yellow scleras, and a green tail. He wears a white suit, red undershirt, black bowtie shoes, and pants.



Somewhere in between the events of “From the Confidential Casefiles of Agent 22” and “Moonvasion”, Steelbeak was arrested for cockfighting in St. Carnard, only to be broken out by Black Heron. Heron took the young Steelbeak back to F.O.W.L. HQ and gave him his iconic beak.


In "Moonvasion!", following the defeat of General Lunaris, Steelbeak, along with Gandra Dee, John D. Rockerduck, Jeeves, the Phantom Blot, and Black Heron, is summoned by the Board of Directors (in reality The High Command), who decide that they must destroy Scrooge McDuck and his family before they endanger F.O.W.L.'s operations again.

Steelbeak serves as the main antagonist of "Double-O-Duck in You Only Crash Twice!" He works with his colleague Black Heron in a base in Funso's Fun Zone, which they chose because they do not believe that Scrooge McDuck could ever step foot in there. When Scrooge arrives at Funso's, Steelbeak is ordered to take out Scrooge so as not to arouse suspicion, and so that Black Heron could use a reversed intelligence ray to reduce Scrooge's intelligence. However, Steelbeak instead subdues Dewey and Launchpad. Black Heron manages to reverse the ray, but Steelbeak uses it on her, tired of being treated like an inferior. Meanwhile, Dewey and Launchpad break out with the Rescue Rangers' assistance, but Steelbeak arrives with his minions and fights them. In the skirmish, Steelbeak shoots Launchpad with the ray, not realizing it was set back to increase intelligence, and kidnaps Dewey, planning to unleash the reversed intelligence ray on all of Duckburg. The now intelligent Launchpad pursues Steelbeak to his villain lair at a lighthouse and defeats him with the Rescue Rangers. Eventually, the High Command retrieves Steelbeak and reverts Black Heron's intelligence to normal.

He is next briefly referred too in "Escape from the ImpossiBin" where he broke into Darkwing Duck's headquarters to recollect the Solego Circuit plans. He is one of main antagonists of the episode "The Split Sword of Swanstatine". Steelbeak along with Heron, Gandra, and Rockerduck went to Istanbird under the guise to retrieve the pieces of sword this episode was named after. Steelbeak confronted by Huey and Lena and attempted to steal the piece they found. Before he could, Lena stopped time which allowed Huey to cycle through numerous possibilities on how to beat him with most ending in failure. Once Huey embraced his inner rage, Steelbeak was fended off. Though Scrooge managed to reconstruct the Sword, F.O.W.L.'s main goal was successful when one of Scrooge's feathers was obtained.

Steelbeak's final appearance was in the episode "The Last Adventure". He appeared with the rest of High Command when spying on the McDuck's during Webby's Birthday party and relaxing before the McDucks infiltered the Library of Alexandria, he was sent to do battle against Launchpad, Darkwing, and Gizmoduck. Once it was clear that the heroes were outmatching him, he used the Intelli-Ray on himself to make himself smarter, now calling himself "Steelbrain", and manages to defeat Darkwing and Gizmoduck. He spent a good amount of time beating Launchpad until Goslyn and B.O.Y.D. came to provide assistance. In response, Steelbeak used, the Intelli-Ray on Flintheart Glomgold, the Beagle Boys, Ma Beagle, and Magica De Spell turning them into his mindless slaves. After capturing those two along with Lena, Violet, and a revived Manny, it appeared ad though Steelbeak has won. But, after Launchpad gained support from his family, he gained the strength to continue fighting and managed to use the Gizmoduck armor (even though he couldn't control it). This scared Steelbeak into retreating and caused the Intelli-Ray to be destroyed in the process.

It is unknown to what happened to him, after Bradford's defeated afterwards.


  • Steelbeak originally appeared in the 1990s Disney Afternoon cartoon Darkwing Duck as one of Darkwing's villains, voiced by Rob Paulsen (who also voiced Gladstone Gander in the original Ducktales series in 1987 and now voices Gibbous in the 2017 series). Like in the reboot, Steelbeak was a member of F.O.W.L. in Darkwing Duck, although he was significantly more intelligent and dangerous in his original incarnation, being one of F.O.W.L.'s chief agents.
  • Black Heron busted Steelbeak out of a jail in St. Canard and gave him his metal beak. Frank Angones confirmed this on his Tumblr blog and added that he was arrested for cockfighting. He also confirmed on his blog that Steelbeak is young and has just recently joined F.O.W.L and will become more capable and dangerous in the future, similar to his original incarnation from Darkwing Duck.


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