Steeljaw's Pack is a gang of Decepticons in Transformers Robots in Disguise, formed by Decepticon prisoners that Steeljaw enlisted from the prison ship, Alchemor. Their goal is to conquer the Earth and turn it into a place for Decepticons to call home. Megatronus is responsible for their and the other prisoners escape. Bumblebee and his team succeeded in capturing the other members of the Pack, but Steeljaw is still at large and currently attempted enlisted aid from Kickback, Scorponok, Saberhorn, and Glowstrike whom recently amassed another Decepticon Gang.


If compared with original Decepticon groups that previously led by Megatron, Steeljaw's pack was more like a gang than a true military faction. This because the number of the pack's member was far inferior and having less resource than the actual military faction. In spite of this, they proved to be formidable foes against Bumblebee's team, as they have Steeljaw scratch their insignia as means to avoid detection.

Unfortunately, Megatronus' betrayal and subsequent battle at the events of the first season finale led most, if of all of it's member except Steeljaw captured, but it's just a matter of time before the pack turned into full-blown militia, as currently, Steeljaw goes enlists help from another Alchemor prisoners whom also formed another Decepticon group with more resources than his, which salvaged from Alchemor ship itself.




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