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Steeljaw is the main antagonist in the animated TV series Transformers: Robots in Disguise, serving as the main antagonist of the first two seasons and as one of the two main antagonists in Season 3 alongside Soundwave. He leads a pack of former prisoners aboard the Alchemor who schemes to re-establish the long-disbanded Decepticons and turn Earth into a paradise for Decepticons to live on.

He is voiced by Troy Baker, who also voiced Van Kleiss in Generator Rex, and Erron Black in Mortal Kombat series. In the Japanese dub he was voiced by Yuichi Nakamura, who also voiced Yuuki Terumi in BlazBlue and Graham Aker in Mobile Suit Gundam 00.

Personality and Traits

Steeljaw is a scheming, charismatic, cruel, and loyal Decepticon, notable for his usually-calm-headed and suave demeanor. His demeanor makes him a very good liar, a highly persuasive recruiter, and an in-control leader. However, whenever his plans are on the brink of failing or failed, Steeljaw's smooth charisma and calm patience can be replaced by intense anger, wrath and frustration.

Steeljaw's main goals are making Earth a conquered and official Decepticon world for Decepticons, mostly those who were imprisoned on the Alchemor, with him as their ruler. Steeljaw is remarkably intelligent and cunning as well, being able to form highly competent and strategic plans and schemes against the Autobots, and also proving very fast-thinking and resourceful in the battlefield.

When it comes to his pack subordinates, Steeljaw normally treats them with fairness and partnership though not above berating them for their incompetence. He throws a large tantrum on his pack due to their disastrous failure in their invasion on scrapyard where they supposedly able to saved other Decepticons held in there. Despite this, Steeljaw may still actually care about his pack, judging from how Megatronus successfully forced Steeljaw to back down to his wishes by using his telekinesis powers on torturing Clampdown in front of him.

When Megatronus revealed his plans to Steeljaw and his gang, Steeljaw seemed hurt and betrayed by the whole ordeal as he revealed to Megatronus that he simply wanted a place for him to rule with other fellow Decepticons during his fight with him. This is echoed when discovering that Soundwave's bacon generator would leave Earth a barren wasteland and when the High Council's invasion will result in them taking over his planet.

Powers and abilities

Steeljaw is a formidable Decepticon, he is fast and strong, able to overpower Sideswipe, Strongarm, and Bumblebee, also strong enough to push a huge boat into open water and held his ground against fighting Megatronus and Soundwave. Similar to Starscream, he possess razor sharp claws to attack his enemies with and also has a tail to smack around his enemies as well. He is also quite clever, which he clawed his Decepticon Symbol that would set a tracking implant for the Autobots to hunt him down and is a master of persuasive speech in bringing other Decepticons into joining him.



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