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Stefan Brent is a fictional character and supporting antagonist of the British soap opera Coronation Street. He currently serves as a major antagonist in 2021 and is also the father of Corey Brent, thus playing a pivotal role in a nation-gripping storyline where Corey brutally attacked Nina Lucas and Seb Franklin in a teenage hate crime that resulted in the latter's death.

He is portrayed by Paul Opacic, who also played Steve Marchant in Emmerdale.


Stefan Brent is known to be a well-known publisher and married man in Weatherfield who is also the father of wayward teenager Corey Brent.

In 2021, Stefan made his first appearance in Weatherfield when he meets up with Dev Alahan about Corey's relationship with Dev's daughter Asha. It was already clear that Dev distrusts Corey due to his rebellious nature, and tells Stefan about this before threatening to kill him unless he gets Corey to stay away from Asha for good.

Later on, Stefan learns that Corey and his associates have perpetuated a horrific attack on young adults Nina Lucas and Seb Franklin. Both were hospitalized and although Nina survived the attack, Seb had died in the arms of his grieving mother Abi. Soon afterwards, Stefan orders Corey to cease contact with his associates in order to prevent his son from getting implicated behind the attack. Stefan's interference allows Corey to incriminate fellow teenager Kelly Neelan as the perpetuator, whereas his associate Eli Higginson is also apprehended for the crime.

So far Stefan has managed to help Corey avoid jail time by having his lawyer approve for Corey's bail conditions. With the case still ongoing, it is more than likely that Stefan will resurface in Weatherfield once more and perhaps go to extreme lengths in order to either keep his son out of trouble or avoid letting Abi and Nina get justice against him for Seb's death.

During the trial, Stefan bribed people to take the stand in court and say that Corey is a good lad with no violent intentions. This led to Kelly being convicted for murder. When Corey's clothes were found by Stu, Stefan failed to find the clothes as they are in the hands of the police. He made a fake passport for him and Corey but failed to escape.


  • It is confirmed that Stefan will become Corrie's central antagonist in 2021 as the storyline surrounding Corey's involvement in Nina's attack and Seb's death gets further explored.