Stefan Siarzewski or Siara (Siara means colostrum in Polish) is one of the main antagonists in the polish mobster comedy movie Kiler and its sequel Kilerów 2-ch (Two Kilers).

He was portrayed by Janusz Rewiński.


Siara was a mafia boss which at unknown time in 1980's or 1990's hired Jurek Kiler to be one of his gunmen. Jurek however decided to quit his killing job, and live a peaceful life instead. Siara got angry about it and in the sequel (Kilerów 2-ch) he decided to kill Jurek, and team up with his former rival - Lipski. First man he sent to do it was Szakal, but he failed due to Kiler having a improvised bulletproof vest under his suit. Lipski suggested to hire a man that looks exacly like Jurek to take his gold and take it to the two mafia bosses - Hose Arcadio Morales. To kill the Kiler so Hose can replace him, Wąski hired three professional henchmen - The Young Wolves. When Siara finally got the truck, and during the ruckus and constant switching of places with Hose Kiler was still alive, he got betrayed by Wąski and later sent to jail by Commisar Fish.


Siara was very light-hearted, he always speaks with a specific simple language and gets angry easily, like one time when he saw Jurek on TV he threw it into his swimming pool. He is also very desperate, intelligent and greedy.


  • The character was met with cult following, and quotes soon became a part of Polish subculture, and later they became internet memes.
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