(she is not successful (yet), her plan outright failed actually - hence her furious threat to Striker.. until Stolas or Blitzo are dead she's not valid as fully succeeding in her plans.)
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(she wants Blitzo dead too.. she's just mostly after Stolas but it is clear she loaths imps in general.)
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|hobby = Ranting about Stolas's affairs with Blitzo.
|hobby = Ranting about Stolas's affairs with Blitzo.
|goals = Have Stolas assassinated for his infidelity <small>(ongoing)</small>.
|goals = Have Stolas assassinated for his infidelity <small>(ongoing)</small>.
Punish and/or kill Blitzo and IMP.
|crimes = Abuse
|crimes = Abuse
Attempted mariticide
Attempted mariticide

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It better not... I want this cheating prick dead. I don't care who you have to go through, make it HAPPEN!
~ Stella talking to Striker over the phone.

Stella is (possibly) the main antagonist of the YouTube series Helluva Boss.

She serves as a minor character in the Pilot episode and the second episode, Loo Loo Land, and the overarching antagonist of the fifth episode, The Harvest Moon Festival.

She is the vindictive wife of Stolas and a member of the royal Goetia family of Hell. After finding out her husband cheated on her with the imp Blitzo, she ruthlessly plotted his assassination and plans to kill him for his infidelity using any means necessary.

She is voiced by Georgina Leahy.


Her appearance in the pilot is extremely minor and doesn't give much detail to her character. It is established though that she doesn't approve of Stolas' affairs with Blitzo due to Blitzo being an imp. However, before then it is established that their relationship wasn't a very healthy one from the start either. When Octavia cried for them, Stella refused to respond and told Stolas to handle it.

Loo Loo Land

In her first characterize appearance, she is angrily ranting at Stolas for sleeping with an imp in their bed and storms out, destroying some of Stolas' plants as she does.

The Harvest Moon Festival

The end of the episode establishes her as a dangerous villain when it is revealed that she hired Striker to assassinate Stolas. When Striker calls to tell her he failed due to I.M.P. getting in the way and ensures her it wouldn't happen again, she warns him that it better not as she tells him to deal with anybody who gets in his way.


  • The name "stella" is the Latin word for "star", fitting the astrology theme signature to Stolas.
  • It is unknown if she was the one who gave Striker the gun that granted him the ability to kill demon royalty.
  • While it is too early to know for certain, it is very likely that she will be the main antagonist of the show, or at the very least the first season.


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