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Stella and Loretta Lecarde are vampire twin sisters and major antagonists from the video game Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin.

They appear as the daughters of the main villain Brauner, who were in truth vampirized and brainwashed. They serve as a duo of major antagonists, whose final fate depends on the heroes' choices and actions.

Powers and Abilities

Stella and Loretta form a complete contrast. One is an expert warrior, who wields a sword with great proficiency and can channel power through her blade to unleash deadly energy blasts. The other is an expert sorceress, mastering a wide array of deadly Ice spells.


Stella and Loretta also form a contrast. One is brash, aggressive and violent, the other is distant, imperturbable and disdainful.

They are both hateful and uncaring toward humans, but very devoted to their father, disregarding his wish to keep them safe to aid him in his quest. While they often disagree and bicker, they deeply care about one another.

However, such familial love is the only remnant of their real selves. In truth, they are kind, humble, caring and altruistic.

If the heroes can turn them back to normal, they display great shame for their actions. They step aside, deeming the heroes better suited to kill Brauner and help them reach full potential as an atonement.



Stella and Loretta were born some time after World War I, as the twin daughters of Eric Lecarde, one of the two heroes who defeated Count Dracula and Elizabeth Bartley in 1917, alongside John Morris. Eventually, John Morris died, unable to handle the full power of the holy Vampire Killer Whip. Eric later discovered the secret to unlock the whip’s potential, teaching it to his daughters in addition to making them mighty fighters, aiding his fight against evil forces.

In 1944, the Vampire Lord Brauner resurrected the Castlevania and planned to take it over and use its Dark Powers to wage his own war against humanity. Eric Lecarde stormed the Castle alone, fearing that  Brauner would be too much to handle even for his daughters. Alas, Brauner killed him in an ambush.

When Stella and Loretta ran to Eric's aid against his wishes, Brauner persuaded himself that they were his late daughters' reincarnations. He turned them into vampires before their dying father's eyes, and brainwashed them into believing that he was their father.

In Game

When John Morris' son Jonathan and his friend Charlotte Aulin storm the Castlevania, they encounter Eric's ghost who is bound to the Castle but who manages to resist its evil influence. They later encounter the twin sisters who antagonize them. Stella confronts the two in the Tower of Death but is defeated. When fleeing the scene, she drops a pendant that proves a vital clue for the heroes to learn the sister's true identity.

Boss Battles

Stella is a very powerful and dangerous enemy; fast, spry and aggressive who can avoid attacks quite easily. She flies around the room and attacks the heroes with sword strikes and sword swipes. She can also use her sword to send a huge wave of greenish energy along the ground, an energy blast, or four crescents of energy one after another from above.

Stella and Loretta later team up against the heroes in a very difficult battle. They fly around the dining room, Stella wielding her sword and Loretta casting spells through a giant rune: "Icicle Rain", many giant ice crystals falling on the heroes in succession, "Freeze Bite", many giant wolf heads made of ice in succession that must be jumped over (or ducked under if the heroes are close enough), and "Blizzard Storm", a huge snowstorm.

When Loretta surrounds herself with whirling ice shards, she and Stella unleash a devastating combined attack. Loretta can give Stella a huge ice sword with which she strikes the ground (beware of its shards), or conjure a giant ice crystal that Stella shatters into big shards that must be dodged.

Final Fate

The game's ending depends on the players action during the battle. If the heroes kill the sisters, Brauner gives up and the game ends here. If on the contrary the heroes learnt the sisters' story and the Sanctuary spell that can reverse the curse of vampirism, they can cast it on the sisters.

The spell revives Stella and Loretta as full-fledged humans and gives them their memories back. Ashamed by their evil deeds, the sisters resolve to help the heroes and prove vital in helping them reach Brauner, as well as helping Jonathan to unlock the full power of the whip.

After Brauner is killed and Dracula and Death are defeated, Stella and Loretta bid farewell to their father before he passes on to the Afterlife.

Sister Mode

Finishing the normal game unlocks the "Sister Mode", during which the Lecarde sisters fight their way throughout the Castlevania to reach their father. Stella conjures sword spirits to strike at distance while Loretta shoots freezing gales. This is a prologue, with all the tragedy it implies, for it ends with Brauner killing Eric and vampirizing them.

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