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Sten was a villain from the dark fantasy anime/manga series Akame Ga Kill!. He was a member of the Four Rakshasa Demons and served as a member of The Empire's executioners on behalf of Prime Minister Honest.

He was voiced by Kenji Nomura in Japanese and Wendel Calvert in English .


Sten was a large muscular man with a brute like appearance. He had a long braided hairstyle with some of his black hair sticking straight upwards and had a large bushy beard and a mustache as well. He wore white pants with iron claddings on both his wrists and his sholder.


Sten was a serious fighter as he killed the enemies of both The Empire and Honest without question. Whenever he faced off against an opponent, he would often refer to it as "releasing their soul" rather than killing them.


Sten first appeared when the demons were summoned upon the arrival of Esdeath and the Jaegers at the headquarters of the Path of Peace. They reveal themselves to be the personal executioners of Prime Minister Honest and are the bodyguards of Bolic as well. Sten then goes with Mez where they run into Lubbock and fight him. Lubbock ends up killing Sten and eventually does the same to Mez shortly after.

Powers and Abilities

Like all the demon members, Sten has the ability to manipulate his body. Using his brute strength, Sten can unleash heavy punches and can run faster than any other person as well. He also has the ability to bend his beard to use as a shield and is an expert martial artist.



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