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"Yeah, summat like that. Take care!".
~ Steph's last words before she gets sent to prison.

Steph Stokes is a fictional character and major anti-hero of the long-running British soap opera Emmerdale. She debuted in September 2002 and became one of the show's anti-villains up until her exit in November 2006, before later reappearing as a minor character in October 2013.

She was played by Lorraine Chase.


Steph Stokes first came to Emmerdale in September 2002 as the daughter of the village's longest-standing resident Alan Turner. She is also the mother of Tricia Dingle and often causes trouble for her throughout most of their relationship. As time goes on, Steph becomes the village bully due to her threatening and violent behavior towards several people around her - though she does get along well with Alan and his friends Betty Eagleton. In 2003, she worked for Rodney Blackstock and briefly had a business partnership with local conman Eric Pollard.

In 2004, Steph began a relationship with Shelley Williams that later underwent a crisis - with Shelley even being referred to as Alan's favorite daughter than that of his flesh and blood. In response, Steph kidnaps Shelly and holds her captive for months. Shelley eventually flees and tries to escape the country, but Steph catches up with her on a boat and kills her by shoving her off the boat to her death in the sea. However, Steph gets away with it and comforts Alan over Shelley's disappearance. That same year, Steph mourns for her daughter's death and comforts Tricia's grieving husband Marlon Dingle over the loss.

In 2005, Steph meets the new village GP named Adam Forsythe and they soon get married. In 2006, Steph is horrified when her brother Terence Turner comes to the village; Steph later reveals to Adam that Terence had sexually abused and constantly raped her back when they were just teenagers. Later on, Terence confronts Steph and nearly attacks her when Adam ends up hitting him on the head with a fire extinguisher - killing Terence in front of a horrified Steph. Following her brother's death, Steph becomes traumatized and Adam betrays her by using the opportunity to implicate her as the murderer. He gets Steph sectioned and she is later arrested for Terence's murder, but later tells her father the truth about Adam and Terence.

In November 2006, Steph is authorized to stand trial for Terence's murder. Adam is also charged for the crime and joins Steph in their trial, during which he reveals that Steph killed Shelley and asks the police to look for the latter's body. They do so and inform Alan about this. Alan confronts Steph and she confesses to killing Shelley, but insists that she didn't kill Terence and he reluctantly believes her. Then when Steph is due to give evidence of her innocence, she shocks everyone by confessing to killing Terence. This is already proven false, but Steph does this to get her own comeuppance for Shelley's murder and to also bring Adam to justice for killing Terence. Afterwards, Steph pleads guilty and is sentenced to life imprisonment; she and Alan bid farewell before Steph goes to prison, while Adam later commits in despair for having been crimes exposed.

In 2013, Steph reappears for her father's funeral on the week after Alan died. She attends the ceremony in handcuffs, but briefly escapes to say a proper goodbye to Alan before later allowing herself to get sent back to prison.



  • Lorraine Chase (the actress who played Steph Stokes) was nominated and won several awards for her character's performance.