Back off geeks! I've been waiting fifty years to bring this school down, and no one is going to stop me now!
~ Stephanie

Stephanie is a senior witch and the main antagonist of "Three Cheers for Evil", the second episode of My Babysitter's a Vampire.


Early Life

Stephanie was friends with Benny's grandmother. However, they had a falling out and people picked on Stephanie and bullied her. She then started witchcraft and used magic to make herself look like a teenager.

Becoming a Cheerleader

She became the leader of the Cheerleaders at Whitechapel High School. She picked on Erica there and tripped her and broke her glasses. After Erica was transformed into a vampire, she joined the cheerleading squead in order to get back at Stephanie by sucking her blood. Stephanie was still bullying people, knocking someone's books out of her hands. Erica succeeded at becoming a cheerleader and cornered Stephanie. However, before she could suck Stephanie's blood, Stephanie put a spell on her. Sarah, another vampire, witnessed the whole thing, and Stephanie put a spell on her as well. Ethan and Benny disquised as girls named Veronica and Betty and joined the cheerleaders.

Casting Her Spell

Stephanie taught all the cheerleaders a routine. Benny insisted that he got a tingly feeling whenever they practiced the routine. Ethan had a vision that proved she was a witch and that the routine was a dark spell. Benny's grandmother showed them the yearbook, showing Stephanie. During the cheerleading for the school, Ethan and Benny tried to use a different spell but Stephanie caught onto their plan and told them to shut up. The two then released Sarah from the spell and she pulled stopped the spell and Stephanie was reduced to her normal age. Benny's grandmother arrived and told Stephanie that she remembered how every was so cruel to her. Stephanie conjured up a dagger but Benny's grandmother used a spell to knock her out. Her powers were taken away and she is now the cafeteria lady.

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