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~ Stephanie to her partner, Ryan.

Stephanie is a supporting antagonist of the Canadian animated franchise Total Drama , who competed on the Daters/Haters team with her partner, Ryan, in Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race, and served as the secondary antagonist of the season.

She was voiced by Nicki Burke.


At the beginning of the season, Stephanie and her boyfriend, Ryan, are portrayed as dreamy and happy-go-lucky lovebirds who have already decided they want to spend the rest of their lives together. While she initially appears to be nice towards her boyfriend, soon becomes tired of their poor placement during the first few portions of the race, reveals that she is actually a competitive, rude, whiny, bossy, and selfish control freak with a short and volatile temper that could easily overpower Ryan in terms of strength despite her size.

She constantly blames Ryan for their problems, even if the fault is on her. Stephanie believes that she is better than anyone else on the race but unlike other arrogant or competitive contestants, she fails to back up her ideas, often leading to them failing many challenges without Ryan's assistance, thinking up poor strategies, or simply abusing and harassing her partner. Stephanie's bullying and complaining causes Ryan to dump her, and the two spend much of the season bickering with each other. However, before their elimination later in the game, Stephanie realizes the error of her ways and apologizes to Ryan for her behavior, who in turn forgives her and starts dating her again.

Villainous Acts

  • Persistently bullying, harassing, and abusing Ryan throughout the season.
  • Starting a fist fight with Kitty while underwater.
  • Pushing Ryan off a waterfall.
  • Using a "Boomerang" card to try and send Ryan back to a previous part of the challenge. This however backfires when Don explains that Stephanie has to go with Ryan as well.
  • Threatening to, and following through with assaulting Ryan for his minor mistakes.



  • Ryan (boyfriend)



  • Stephanie is one of four characters in The Ridonculous Race with an antagonistic presence, along with Jacques, Josee, and Taylor.
  • Stephanie is one of thirteen female contestants in Total Drama who wear earrings.
  • Stephanie and her partner, Ryan, were the members of the only team to receive a team name change, from The Daters to The Haters.

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