Stephanie Begoyle

Stephanie Begoyle (aka Laura Ashley) is the main villainess from "License to Drill," episode 3.07 of Angie Tribeca.

She was played by Kelly Rohrbach.


Stephanie Begoyle is the only daughter of oil tycoon Mortimer Begoyle, as well of the heiress to his fortune. She approached Detective Geils in the beginning of the episode under the name Laura Ashley, posing as the wife of Councilman Steven Ashley. She enlisted Geils to investigate Steven, as she claimed that she was cheating on him. Unbeknownst to Geils, Stephanie had stolen his gun during the encounter, and shot and killed Steven in his home, all the while setting up Geils, who was arrested and placed on death row.

Stephanie's motive was that Steven Ashley opposed her father's company drilling for oil, and after learning that Mortimer wanted out of the business to sell pretzels at the mall, the evil Stephanie shot and killed him, mainly to inherit his fortune. Stephanie was revealed as the villainess when Angie entered Mortimer's office along with Internal Affairs Agent Abigail Liukin, finding Mortimer dead and seeing Stephanie pointing her gun at both of them. After ordering Angie and Liukin to drop their guns, Stephanie boldly admitted to the murders and callously defended digging for oil and stating that the side effects that people could suffer (headaches, nausea, and asthma) as well as killing her father were "small prices to pay." Just as she was about to kill Angie and Liukin, Stephanie was knocked out by the doors opened by Tanner, and she was later arrested (off-screen).