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Stephanie Butler is the secondary antagonist of the 2019 horror-comedy sequel film Happy Death Day 2U. She was the wife and accomplice of Dr. Gregory Butler.

She was portrayed by Laura Clifton.


Stephanie Butler is the wife of Dr. Gregory Butler in the second dimension, much like the first dimension. Unbeknownst to Stephanie, Gregory is having an affair with Lori Spengler. Once Stephanie finds out, she enacts a plan of revenge. She and Gregory conspire to murder Lori to keep the affair from coming out.

After Tree is knocked back into the second dimension, she sees Gregory and Stephanie arguing. But unlike in the first dimension, Tree is not having an affair with Gregory, only Lori is.

At multiple points, Lori and Tree are pursued and murdered by the Babyface Killer. Tree assumes he is coming after her, but eventually realizes the Babyface Killer is actually after Lori. She then realizes the Babyface Killer is actually Gregory and confronts him, in costume, in the hallway, prompting the Babyface Killer to remove his mask and confirm her suspicions. She hears the police sirens coming and tells Gregory it is over for him. However, Gregory tells Tree that she overlooked one detail, at which point Stephanie reveals herself as his accomplice and shoots Lori. She then says she was never going to let someone like Lori ruin her life.

Gregory attacks Tree and Stephanie orders him to kill her, while she retrieves Tree's gun. Once he gains the upper hand on Tree, Stephanie asks him if wants to do the honors of killing her and gives him the gun. However, just as he is about to kill Tree, he turns the gun on Stephanie and shoots and kills her instead, stating that he wants a divorce.


  • The original ending of the first film had Tree hospitalized after her ordeal with first dimension Lori, only to be murdered permanently by the first dimension Stephanie, who disguised herself as a nurse.
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