Stephanie Gaunt is the main antagonist of the Wizards vs. Aliens episode, "Friend or Foe".

Stephanie is an Unenchanted (non-magical) hot chick who owned a hi-tech company Gaunt Technologies (but kept herself out of the public eye) and wanted to prove magic existed so she sent one of her employees Adams to kidnap a wizard named Tom Clarke and also takes a Nekross named Lexi (who was disguised as a human woman named Lucy). After finding out Lexi was an alien Gaunt decided to try and use Tom's magic and Lexi's Nekross technology for world domination and tries to get them to teleport the Crown Jewels to her but Tom and Lexi work together and trick Gaunt and escape. Varg, disguised as her, tricked her guards. Gaunt is then taken by Lexi to the Nekross's ship The Zarantulus where she meets the other Nekross including Lexi's father The Nekross King who she tries to get to ally with her but he refuses and Gaunt is fed to his pet Skorpulus.

She was portrayed by Ruthie Henshall.



  • Gaunt is similar to Scarlet Overkill
    • Both are villainous women
    • Both live in Britain
    • Both wish to have The Crown Jewels in their possession
    • Both have others to try and steal the Crown Jewels for them (Gaunt had Tom and Lexi whilst Scarlet had Kevin, Stuart and Bob).
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