Stephanie Hollister

Stephanie Hollister

Stephanie Hollister is an antagonist from "Backfire", episode 8.20 of CSI: Miami.

She was portrayed by Robin Bartlett.


Stephanie Hollister is the next door neighbor of the Dawsons, whose house went up in flames, killing Patrick Dawson. Before the fire, Stephanie became irate and bothered by the sounds of the Dawson house being worked on, and went over and shouted at Ralph Zimmerman - a member of the plumbers' union - to stop his noisy work.

Stephanie's complaints were drowned out by the noise, and after seeing an exposed wire on the floor, Stephanie decided to put a permanent end to the noise by killing Ralph. Stephanie's twisted plan began with tampering with the fuse box by jamming a novelty penny (which she got during her vacation in Key West) inside. Following this, the evil Stephanie turned on the hose and tossed it inside the area, and the water reached the exposed and heated up wire and caused Ralph to be fatally electrocuted. The villainess then sealed Ralph's body inside a closet, but did not retrieve her penny, which was found by Wolfe.

Stephanie was interrogated by Wolfe and Natalia after the object was found, and it was at that moment that she revealed her hostility towards Ralph, stating that the noise was preventing her from sleeping, which she had not done in 8 months. She also accused Ralph of ignoring her complaints, and when Wolfe responded that Ralph simply could not hear her, Stephanie claimed that Ralph could have easily heard her complaining if it was not for the noise.

Without remorse, Stephanie boldly (and nearly boastfully) confessed to killing Ralph, and stated that she slept like a baby afterwards. Regarding accusations that she started the fire to cover her deed, Stephanie denied the claim. While it later turned out that she did not set the fire, Stephanie was arrested for killing Ralph.