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Stephen Kall is the secondary antagonist of Jeffrey Deaver's second Lincoln Rhyme novel, The Coffin Dancer. He was originally perceived as the true identity of the main antagonist - The Coffin Dancer.


During the events of the book, Stephen Kall is thought of being an assassin named the Coffin Dancer. In it, he is assigned with killing witnesses preparing to testify against a corrupt businessman. However, in truth, Stephen was just a hired assassin by the killer himself who gave his contact to Stephen to help carry out. Stephen never meets his boss, although the two do cross paths halfway through the story. Stephen crosses paths with a homeless man named Jodie but is unaware he is the true Coffin Dancer. 'Jodie' allowed himself to be captured so he could observe Stephen and also get closer to the police. The Coffin Dancer later allowed himself to be taken in by police and put on witness protection in order to gain access to his targets. He manages to slip out and kill Stephen and disposes of his body, which is later discovered by the police.

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