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We're all being punished for one lazy bitch. Let's make him suffer.
~ To the 4th Graders

Stephen Tamill is a minor antagonist of South Park Season 15, appearing in the episode "1%" and is never seen again. He is a 5th grader at South Park Elementary School that wants to make Eric Cartman suffer for indirectly and unintentionally fraudulently putting the school in the lowest percentile of physical health due to his terrifyingly low fitness, and he does so by ruining Eric's life outside of school.


Stephen is a 5th grade caucasian boy with short brown hair. He is seen wearing blue pants, black shoes, and a white shirt with maroon red sleeves.


The kids at South Park Elementary are punished for having the lowest score in the nation on the Presidential Fitness Test thanks to Eric Cartman. Cartman's "terrifyingly low" fitness plumeted their average score down to the lowest in the nation, and the students think that it's unfair how they were punished for the failing of the "1%". They all blame Eric Cartman and gang up on him at school.

In the cafeteria, Jimmy says that they should create the 99% Club to fight the system, and Stephen takes this the wrong way and says "Let's make him suffer.", saying that the 5th graders agree. Jimmy then says that they need to use some good old fashioned diplomacy, and while Jimmy and Butters go to reason with the head of Obama's fitness council, Stephen Tamill and his friends go on a crime spree proving how serious he was about his statement, and starts with breaking into Eric's house. When Cartman comes home from school, he panics to find that somebody had unquestionably been in his room, and finds his stuffed animal Clyde Frog missing. He goes outside and sees Clyde Frog nailed to a tree above a text that says "VENGEANCE". Stephen Tamill's next antic ups the ante from burglary to arson, and as the firefighters rescue Cartman, a firefighter deduces that "someone must hate this kid".

Kyle deduces that Stephen is responsible for nearly killing Cartman, and he, Stan, and Kenny knock on his door to tell him that he may be going a bit too far. Stephen callously claims that "That fat little fuck is finally getting what he deserves", and tells them to stay out of it and let the 5th graders handle it. They state big plans, which by this point have proven to put Cartman's life in danger. Cartman stays at Token's house, paranoid of this mysterious criminal, and later finds Kyle attempting to rescue him from Stephen's "big plans".

Stephen and his friends successfully destroy all of Cartman's stuffed animals, and Cartman accepts that he'll no longer need stuffed animals for the remainder of his life, shooting his last one in tears. Meanwhile, Stephen starts a new campaign of the 83% Club that states that Cartman is in 4th grade and 4th grade is responsible for the whole school requiring fitness exams. He and one of his friends get into a fight, and Stephen assaults Butters while his friend fights Jimmy. Stephen's action cause a butterfly effect that result in the 99% being divided into more and more percentages, and corrupts the whole school to fight amongst each other.



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