Let's see how you like these numbers!
~ Rich Steve calling for his army

Steve's Army are a group of paid Mercenaries to help assist Rich Steve in his goal of obtaining the suit back form Benson in anyway necessary even if it means killing Benson. They serve as the secondary antagonist of the episode Benson's Suit 


Most of the soldiers wear black armored suits with black helmets. most of the soldiers come equiped with Rifles and some are equiped with bazookas. most are unarmed. Some of the soldiers are controling Tanks or even heilcopters to try to take out Benson. but all are taken out by Bensons Suit. 


They appear near the end of the episode when Rich Steve  is threatening Benson with is life if he does not give up the suit. Benson refueses to do so. They everything to take out Benson Guns, Tanks, Bazookas, and even heilcopters. But nothing works. they soon realize that there efforts are not worth it and soon retreat and leave Rich Steve to dealing with Benson. Benson defeats Rich Steve. it is assumed that they find another job but that is unclear. 


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Rich Steve's Army
Steve's Army


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