Steve (or often referred to as "Tony" or "The Thing") is the main antagonist of the Hetalia RPG Maker game, HetaOni. Steve is the monster who chases the nations in the mansion, trying to kill them. It is unknown why it tries to kill the nations nor its origin.

Steve is designed to resemble Ao Oni, with his appearance and behavior to pop up out-of-nowhere. You'll know when Steve is around because creepy music plays when he is either in the room or in the next corridor. Sometimes the figure of Steve can be seen in the black area of the screen outside of the corridors of the mansion, meaning that Steve is likely to appear when the user moves into another corridor. If you run into Steve, it's a game over. You can't get Steve to stop following you, but you can outrun him by hiding or quickly moving to the next corridor.

Despite HetaOni being based off Ao Oni, HetaOni adds one thing different from Ao Oni, Boss Battles. Sometimes, the nations are able to fight Steve in a boss fight in attempt to defeat Steve. You can use attack, skill, or guard. It is normally impossible to defeat Steve without using any skills, though. You can select what members to fight Steve with the formation function, which lets you chose which nations to battle with. If you successfully defeat Steve, you'll earn HETA, onigiri, and beer.

Later on in the game, it is confirmed that there is more than one Steve that each take different physical forms, such as octopus-like things, blobs, or other weird forms.

After Italy escapes the mansion for the first time, he couldn't deal with the fact that his friends were all dead. Italy then made a deal with Steve and Italy's book that if he catches all the nations and kills them, he wins.


  • The other nations thought Steve looked like America's alien friend, Tony (which is where Steve received the nickname.) However, Steve is an entirely different entity.
  • The monster's actual name is unknown, but it is most commonly referred to as "Steve" the most by fans.
  • Since HetaOni was discontinued, there is no official ending, meaning Steve never met his fate.
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