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Steve is the henchman of Bucks Gazillion.


During Bucks Gazillion's winnig streek during season three he used his henchman Steve to do things to help him, from being his stunt double or setting traps he helped Bucks win. During the championship Bucks had Steve steal the trophy so all the Dexteras and the Ref went after him, leaving Bucks alone to cheat to win the match. During season four Bucks had total control over the TWF he had himself and Steve cheat on almost every match to help the Sinistras win. He did things like set traps, throw chairs, use Buck's tchnology, and other things on the Dexteras. During the championship Senator Skull and some others attack Buck's opperation. When they reach Buck's office Steve and a couple of butlers guard the door, however they are taken down and tied up by N Fuego. Without Steve Bucks is overthrown.

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