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What? Nothing. I was just gonna take your wallet.
~ Steve to Robert

Steve is a villain from the 2009 American independent horror film Take-Out. He attempts to rob Doris and Robert at gunpoint but ultimately fails. Steve is a young Caucasian male in his early 20's. He has black hair and an athletic build that Robert and Doris deem as a desirable quality. Steve has an easygoing and generous personality. His general attire is a black short-sleeve t-shirt, scarf, blue jeans, and striped light-blue boxer shorts.

He is portrayed by Dean Ronalds.


Steve first appears in the film as a young man stranded on the road at night. While Robert and Doris are driving to a food court for dinner they are flagged down by Steve. Robert and Doris learn that the alternator in Steve's car is not working and agree to help Steve. Before going into Robert's and Doris' car, Steve goes into the trunk of his car to retrieve some of his things which includes rope and a handgun.

During the drive, Steve offers a free steak dinner to Robert and Doris if they drop him at his home. Robert and Doris accept the offer. When all three are at Steve's home Steve begins to grill the steaks. As the steaks are cooking, Doris serves wine to everyone. After a brief toast to Robert's and Doris' help and to a nice dinner, Steve excuses himself to retrieve something from his bedroom. In his bedroom, Steve is shown arranging various knives on his dresser, putting on rubber gloves, loading a handgun, and taking out a coil of rope.

As Steve is slowly approaching Doris from behind with his gun, he begins to feel drowsy and collapses to the ground. When Steve wakes up he finds himself gagged, lying face up, tied to a table wearing only his boxer shorts. Robert removes the gag from Steve's mouth. Steve learns that Doris put something in the wine that caused Steve to collapse. After a few minutes of banter, Robert stabs Steve's abdomen and opens up his torso. Robert and Doris starts taking pieces of meat out of Steve's abdomen and eats it. Robert and Doris say that Steve must work out because Steve's meat is delicious. Meanwhile, Steve is screaming in pain. Robert puts an apple in Steve's mouth and says "Thanks for dinner."


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