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Steve Curtis was a male villain in the medical drama ER. He was the ex-husband of head ER nurse Samantha Taggart, with whom he had a son Alex.

He is portrayed by Cole Hauser and Garret Dillahunt.


At the age of 15 Sam had become pregnant with Alex. She later married Steve but later divorced him.

Feeling that Steve was a bad influence on her son, Sam traveled all over the United States in order to escape him. She eventually arrived in Chicago and accepted a position at County General. Steve eventually found that she was in Chicago and arrived on the scene soon afterwards. Sam initially ran away but returned and moved in with coworker Luka Kovac.

Steve later participated in an armed robbery which landed him in a Colorado jail. Sam hid this fact from her son by telling him that Steve had moved out to Colorado. After Alex ran away from home and became ill in Colorado Sam took her son to visit Steve in jail. Steve was later moved to an Illinois jail.

Along with a medic named Mary and a fellow prisoner named Rafe an escape plot was created. Steve and Rafe injured themselves so that they would be moved to a hospital. In the violent escape that followed the three incapacitate Dr. Kovac with a syringe containing a paralyzing drug.

Sam put Kovac on a breathing machine despite the threats of the three conspirators. The three then shoot up the ER, injuring several staff members in the process. With Sam as a hostage they get into a getaway van where Sam discovers her son tied up inside. The three then leave, attempting to escape to Canada.

A police officer later comes across the van and attempts to stop them, the chase ends with the officer getting in a wreck. Steve later shoots his partners, then proceeds to rape his ex-wife. Afterwards while he is sleeping Sam got up and was about to make her getaway with her son. Before leaving she returned to her sleeping ex-husband. Taking his gun she kills him, an act which due to the influence of Sam's wealthy friend Richard Elliot is ruled a justifiable homicide.