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I understand. It's natural for a dying leaf to be frighten by the autumn wind. It's not about pulling a rabbit out of your hat anymore. It's about pulling your heart out of your chest.
~ Steve Gray explaining his way of magic, and what he think of Burt Wonderstone.
It means I take people's nightmares and turn them into dream realities
~ Steve Gray

Steve Gray, also known as The Mind Rapist, is the main antagonist in the movie; The Incredible Burt Wonderstone. He is a newly discovered street magician that tend to inflict bodily harm to himself so he can entertain his audience. At first, it appeared that Steve was just doing what he enjoyed, entertaining his audience, but he later seek to out-best Burt Wonderstone as the superior magician.

He was portrayed by Jim Carrey.


Steve Gray aka The Mind Rapist ,is a street magician who loves to do extremly dangerous extreme street magics but he makes to himself a huge bodily damage.

Known "Magic Tricks"

Steve had done a series of magic tricks. Almost all of them does physical damage to his own body, and some other magicians and illusionists debate on whether or not that are magic tricks.

  • Cutting himself to reveal that he has the card that one of the audience selected in his deck was in his cheek.
  • Holding his piss for several days.
  • Prevent himself from blinking for a few days without using tape, hooks or anything to keep his eyelids open. He even had someone use pepper spray on both of his eyes and he still didn't blink.
  • Slept on a bed of burning coal for the whole night.
  • Steve ate a thousand pieces of hard candy. So he dressed up like a piñata, have his assistant hang him on a cable, and had the audience hit him with baseball bats. After getting hit multiple times, Steve processed to throw up a bunch of candy and gave them to the kids.
  • Burned his arm to entertain a kid's birthday party, and to out-shine Burt Wonderstone, in which the welts on his arm said; "Happy Birthday" in cursive.
  • Hammered a nail onto a table, by bashing his own head on the nail.
  • Squeezed a puppy into non-existence, only to have "the same puppy", though it was another puppy that looked exactly like the first puppy, in a present. The real puppy was placed into Burt's pants.
  • Drilled a real drill bit through his skull. He survived but now has a crooked eye, and his now mentally disabled.


  • It is likely that Steve Gray is based on the real-life magician; Criss Angel.

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